Dorico 2.1_ can’t open my project

after update Dorico 2.0 to 2.1 I have problem with opening my project. Here is the situation:
– Dorico opens normaly
– when I click in Hub on my project, it starts loading, but stops at 62 percent
– laptop cooler starts to work very loud and CPU usage is rising dramaticaly
– when I click “cancell”, I still can operate in Hub and Dorico upper panel (so it don’t freeze), but I can’t load any other project and I can’t quit Dorico, axcept doing “force quit”
– other projects are running fine
– I restarted computer after update, but It didn’t help.

This is for me very urgent, because this project is important, so I am sending it directly to Daniel, but maybe some users had similar experience and can share with me the solution. I would be grateful.

is there a project which opens normally?
If you open it and then afterwards open your problematic one, at least the playback part of Dorico has already loaded some sounds. I would try this to get around the ‘hang’

I have a similar ongoing problem. For me the work around was:

  1. Open a blank project
  2. Go to Edit -Preferences - Play
    3 Uncheck “Open VST plug-in in windows when opening projects”
    Now load your problem project.

Thanks Mmayson you showed me the way to fix a similar freeze at Dorico 2.1 launch!!

I had this project with 1 Halion sonic SE and 1 Kontact player VST (the Kontact VST was the suspected problem).
After the project was loaded from the hub, I had A brief appearance of my Kontact player loading its samples, then Dorico freezed!! (with infinite circle animation)
no crash dump to be found
had to Contr+Alt+del to come out of this
What fixed this was:
open a new empty project
Go to “Edit -Preferences - Play”
(“Open VST plug-in in windows when opening projects” was already unchecked)
uncheck “suspend audio devices in the background”.
audio devices: changed to ASIO4ALL (was generic ASIO low…)
Default playback Template to HSSE+ASO (was empty)

Even if I don’t know what and why those actions unblocked it, I hope this may help others!


PS: This freeze only occurred at my girlfriends house where I was without ASIO Audio interface. Had no problem loading and working on this project the day before

Other projects are opening ok.
"Open VST plug-in in windows when opening projects” and “suspend audio devices in the background” were already unchecked.
I changed also „default playback template” to „silence”, but the problem is still the same.

Last time when I had a problem with opening the project (different case), Dorico freezed on 71 percent and it was connected with playback. I am wondering, what kind of data Dorico is trying to load now on 62 percent, because it always freeze on 62 percent.

We are looking into this problem: the hang is not caused by any problem with the audio engine data, but rather an infinite loop condition is being triggered. We’ll have more information soon.

In the meantime I have already been in touch with Piotr to recommend that he installs Dorico 2.0 alongside 2.1 so that he can continue working on this project.