Dorico 2.1 Stereo Output setting is definitely messed up and can't get sound/play

This is what my stereo output looks like:

I was trying to try Daniel’s suggestion in another thread for getting the new Swing Playback feature to work, but realized that my audio output now seems completely messed up. I thought it might have something to do with the Boom and Boom2 apps that I still had latent “remains” present on my system (so much so that Dorico 2.1 originally assigned Boom as the Output, despite the fact that I had uninstalled both). I’ve subsequently fully installed then uninstalled them completely such that they no longer show up in System Preferences as an option. However, while Dorico now chooses the correct driver (Built-in Audio), I have no idea what’s going on with Stereo Output but it seems to be causing the program (using Note Performer) to not playback with sound.

I should also add: I tried changing the sampling rate to 48khz instead of 44.1, but Dorico 2.1 immediately crashed. Needless to say, any help would be appreciated with thanks.

  • D.D.

What appears under ‘Stereo output’? It should be ‘Built-in Output 1, Built-in Output 2’.

You could try trashing the VSTAudioEngine2 folder from /Users/your-username/Library/Preferences too, which will reset the audio engine back to its default state and make it rescan all of your devices, plug-ins, and so on.

It was originally that gobble-de-gook in the screen grab I posted. However, I seem to have gotten it to work now (not sure exactly what I did, but did re-start the computer at some point so maybe that helped). I also re-imported the pre Dorico 2.1 file rather than trying to re-open the one I had saved under 2.1, since the one I’d already saved was crashing anytime I tried to change a setting (such as the sample rate). So now playback is audible, thankfully. Thanks as always -

  • D.D.