Dorico 2.2.10

This is huge for me. F to flip?? Awesome. And file renaming… and layout numbering… and removing gaps from MIDI recordings… shoot, this doesn’t feel like a minor update.

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I know, right? F to flip. I nearly flipped myself when I saw that.

Just two days ago, I thought it would be so handy to be able to assign a shortcut to the l.v. ties switch… wonderful!
Oh, and did I mention: AUTOSAVE!!! ;-D

Will the flip work on percussion stems, I wonder?

“Bug-fix” isn’t really a fair description of 2.2.10, is it?

I suppose from a developer point of view it looks like a bunch of relatively small things, but collectively there are many things in this release that will add up to a big difference.

This is why I love Dorico – not only for the quality of the features that it already has, but for the continuing development of the app. Some of the new features have clearly been inspired by user requests, such as the 'Transposition Warning" at print.

Even a minor “bug fix” update contains useful productivity enhancements. Compare that to “Product B”, where there’s been only one update in about two years, and still with long-standing (ancient) notational bugs unfixed and deficiencies unaddressed.

I’m still amazed by how much the Dorico team listen to their customers, and the way they implement new features even in their “smallest” updates.

Yes it will.

F for flip. Finally now possible. Will save a lot of time.

Marvellous! This kind of development is what really separates Dorico from its competitors.

Let’s brace for scores with hundreds of manually flipped stems, with no work in global settings! :wink:
But half-joking aside - this is great news - the update is full of crucial changes in a wide variety of subjects! Thank You!

Where can I get this update? My version is I can´t find any update on the website.

Not yet released, wibem1, but coming “early February” (reportedly next week).

Not out yet… Early Feb.

You can always Select All and Edit > Reset Appearance. Or possibly Position.

[activate know-it-all mode…]
Actually Reset Appearance and Reset Position don’t work on stem directions. You’d need Edit > Stems > Remove Forced Stem.

Thanks Florian. And the same is true for things like Beaming. It would be good if there was one general purpose “Reset”.