Dorico 2.2. and 3 side by side?

I’m working on two mayor projects right now, one of them could really benefit from the new features but the deadline is quite far away, the second one is slightly more imminent and does not require any of the new features. I’m obviously concerned about bugs and being frozen by crashes or the usual unexpected behaviours of newly released software.

1.- Is it possible to have both versions running in the same computer? Not simultaneously obviously, but will 3 replace 2.2 altogether?

2.- Will a score opened on version 3 be converted and consequently be incompatible with previous versions?

Thank you for your time!

  1. The two can run side by side but not simultaneously.
  2. You’ll get a warning if you try to open a Dorico 3 document in Dorico 2. It warns that there might be some unsupported items (created in a later version of Dorico) that won’t show in Dorico 2, and that if you Save the file in Dorico 2, those items may disappear permanently from the file.
  1. I have Dorico 1, 2 and 3 on the same machine.
  2. You can use save as… to work with the new version and ensuring you can still work on your D2.2.1 file

And Leo was faster again :wink:

God you guys are really busy today! Thank you very much it is greatly appreciated, installing now then…