Dorico 2.2 audio export error

I just upgraded to 2.2 but not sure if that has anything to do with problem. I get the message shown in the attached pic with both wave and mp3 files. I was trying to export the audio after updating trills from 2.2 (which sound very nice btw)
export error.jpg

Make a copy of your project, then rename the flow to some simple string without white spaces or other special characters. Then try the export again, I expect it to succeed then.

Thanks Ulf.

Richard, didn’t you once have a similar problem in an earlier version of Dorico? I remember we did fix a bug in that area and remember that someone provided me with a project called something like “Violoin Sonata III”. Could you please send the project again, so we can have a look, because I can’t reproduce the error here. (1.07 MB)
Yes, that’s the one. I notice that in the export audio dialogue it is listed as Violin Sonata III. even tho I changed the title, whether that matters or not.

Did you change the flow title in Setup mode and the file info in Project Info?

I remember seeing this problem a while ago. It’s caused by the extra carriage return (and possibly trailing whitespace or dot) in the Flow title. I had thought we’d fixed the problem, but seemingly it’s popped back up again. I was able to get the score to export correctly just by renaming the flow to ‘Violin Sonata III’ (with no extra carriage return, spaces or full stops), however I’ll have a look to see where the fix disappeared to.

I had changed it in Project info but not in flow title in Setup. I remember now that’s what I had to do last time I had this problem. Thanks for all the help.