Dorico 2.2 crashes and playback fails on reboot - solution

i’m SO tired of this. Dorico ( crashes out and on reboot the playback fails. why? every time this happens (and it happens a lot) i have to jump through hoops to get playback working again. ugh. i hope version 3 is better in this respect.

iMac Pro, 64 gigs ram, 10.14.16

ok… frustrated rant over with.

after Dorico crashes (and i’m using Noteperformer), and i reopen the file, playback fails. one has to 1) reset the playback template to Noteperformer, and often 2) reset the playback VST to Noteperformer (by toggleing from something else back to Noteperformer), for playback to resume. Sometimes 3) I even have to reset the default playback engine in Preferences. What’s frustrating is it’s never the same sequence to get playback to resume… it’s like playback Whack-a-Mole…

Post the file here and one of us can try opening the project.

There’s always an answer, it’s just a matter of finding it. Just need data. Otherwise it’s impossible to answer the “why.”

i can get the playback to work again… it’s just a hassle. it’s very frustrating that Dorico looses these kinds of things when it crashes.

But it should not crash in first place. So in order to find out what is causing the crash and fix it, we need your help.
Therefore, please start Dorico and from the main menu choose ‘Help > Create Diagnostic Report’.
That will create a zip file on your desktop containing log files and crash dumps.
Please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

Similar issue.
Been working on a Bach guitar piece for months, no issues.
Yesterday, opened the score, no sound, tried all different options in the device setup. In the process, many crashes, suddenly all my Dorico files disappeared from where I save them. Luckily a reboot brought them back.
Now I found all the other scores have sound, and exactly the same device setup, but the Adagio from Bach is hopelessly muted. :question:
Here´s my Realtek device setup:

Maybe the best is to wait for the new release/update…

Concha, if your other projects have sound, it’s obviously something with that project. I very much doubt version 3.0 is the need here.

Can you post it here so one of us can try to help?

Concha, similarly, if you have crashes, please send me a diagnostic report as mentioned.
And in regards to the project not sounding, would be best if you load that project first and then create the diagnostic report.
The driver setup might not be the problem, could be also elsewhere.
And if you trust me and my confidentiality, then you could also send me the corresponding Bach project.
Thank you very much.

Hi Tom (sorry, your user name can’t be cited here properly, it always just comes out as ‘rock’), thanks for providing the diagnostic report. The contained crash dump shows a condition that we’ve seen before, it’s due to a missing null pointer check. It has been fixed after Dorico 2.2.20 came out, so your hope will come true, in version 3 you won’t run into this problem anymore.

Thank you so much for your help, you guys really care, I understand this is a lot of work. The project had sound, like any other all along, till Monday morning.
I have a powerful PC, W10, had issues with sound last year, but with the help of you guys were solved, till now.

I cannot upload the project, either drag, and drop, or as an attachment, this is the message I get:

Could you please give me an email address, this one I don´t quite understand,

‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

Tried to upload the “diagnostic” here but apparently, the zip is too large.
Thanks in advance.

The “at” is an @, the “dot” is a .

Thanks pianoleo.

@Concha: And additionally I also sent you a private message with my address.


Quick update, with Concha’s project at hand it was immediately clear, why no sound came out: In the mixer the metronome channel was set to solo and therefore all other instruments muted.

Universal guide to troubleshooting anything, step 1: “Is it switched on?” (We’ve all made that mistake, many times…) :slight_smile: