Dorico 2.2 crashes pc, can't open

After installing the 2.2 update, I tried to start Dorico and it crashed my Windows 8 laptop so had to re-boot. Then I was able to start it up ok once. But thereafter, Dorico seems to silently fail when trying to start. Perhaps some QA was missed on this update?

Could you please take a look in %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 2, find the file called application.log, and attach it here?

I also suggest you try running eLicenser Control Center and allowing it to perform its default license maintenance tasks.

Running the eLicenser seemed to have helped with the crashing, so I can open Dorico. But now I get errors when trying to exit Dorico (reminds me of the known Cubase issues where exiting results in hanging or errors). I’m attaching a screenshot of the error and the application.log (2.17 KB)

Looking at the screenshot, the audio engine crashes in the atio6axx dll. That is a graphics driver dll from AMD. Please make sure that you have an up to date version of it.

We had another user who had a similar crash. They had two video different video cards in their system and it seems that the conflict between them resulted in this crash.