Dorico 2.2 Export to WAV failing on file name - Maybe project title problem

I am trying to export an audio file (WAV.) No matter what I put in the “export to” box, Dorico keeps trying to use the default value, and the default value is causing an error for some reason.

Even when I set the path to Desktop, Dorico keeps using something else.

The Flow had been imported from XML and apparently the flow name included a new line character. But after I renamed the flow, Dorico keeps insisting on using the original name.

{@projectTitle@} continues to remain as

The 12 days ofChristmas

(new line included) even after I changed the Project title in File Project Info. I can’t seem to get rid of that junk.
Export file error.PNG

Select all, copy-paste to new project. Does that fix it?

I exported the flow, created a new project, imported the flow and that fixed it.

I am thinking I probably could have fixed this by editing the Project Title. I thought I had done that by going into Project Options. But that actually defaults to a flow, not to the project, which is very confusing.

Nonetheless, Dorico should not be failing because of how the Project Title is entered.

We once had a bug in this area and we thought, we had fixed it, but apparently not 100%. I can’t reproduce the problem here, so it would be good to get hands on the “faulty” project. So if you still have it, would be nice if you could send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks.

No need to send the project – we’ve got this logged and we’ll take care of it.