Dorico 2.2 freezing and licenser errors

I have a massive problem with Dorico Pro 2.2 on my iMac (MacOS Sierra)at the moment. I cannot get midi input to work at all even though my devices are shown as active. I am also getting a lot of messages about licenser errors, and then when reloading the program , it brings up a Dorico Elements logo and then freezes . Also when the program does load correctly, I can only make a couple of moves before the whole thing locks up. I have performed maintenance on the e licenser more than once and it does not report any problems. I tried to install a demo of Cubase a few days ago, and no download was completed, so I ignored the whole thing, because I could not see anything having happened. Is this related? Also I updated e licenser software on an old PC laptop to be able to use one of my usb dongles with Cubase PC. I am running the latest version of Note Performer

E licenser Error

‘Dorico Elements 2’ has caused the following error:
There is an USB communication problem. Please connect
the eLicenser to another USB Port.
This is only one message to do with e licenser errors. There have been others to do with various components of the program like audio engine etc.
I’m hoping for a solution quickly, because work has become impossible

To ask the bleedin’ obvious: have you followed the advice to plug the eLicenser into another USB port?
Have you run eLicenser Control Center and let it perform its Maintenance Tasks?
This certainly sounds like an eLicenser problem.

Please submit a support ticket, so that we can help you with the eLicenser and Audio issues.

Piano Leo
As I said in my original post, I have done the maintenance several times, and changed the usb ports as suggested. No change whatsoever

Sure; you made no mention of trying a different USB port, though.

Problem Solved.
The only way I could solve this problem was to uninstall Dorico according to Daniel Spreadbury’s instructions , by removing Dorico from the Applications folder and the Dorico folder from Application Support/Steinberg and the VSTEngine 2 Folder from Users/Name/Library/Preferences. I then installed Dorico 2.1 and then Note performer and all the problems disappeared. I then updated to 2.2 and all the old problems immediately reappeared, and I had to repeat the uninstallation and re-installation of 2.1 again, at which point the problems disappeared. There is something therefore in the setup of 2.2 that does not agree with my system. I sincerely hope this will be solved, but in the meantime, I have to stick with 2.1. BTW one issue which held me up for a long time was the fact that users/name/library was a hidden folder, and I had to find out how to unhide the folder before I could get anywhere with deleting the VSTEngine2 Folder. This could be a stumbling block for some people. I downloaded in the end a small freebie called Funter which does the job very easily.

BTW one issue which held me up for a long time was the fact that users/name/library was a hidden folder, and I had to find out how to unhide the folder

You know that this has been the default for about 10 years now, right? There are a number of ways to deal with this including Apple’s official way using Go… (does anyone do this?).

Right-clicking in users/name brings up Show View Options with a checkbox for Show Library Folder

My preferred way is to run the following command in Terminal—it predated the method above:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

killall Finder (optional — close/open folder works also)

Thanks for that info- Very useful!

I finally got to the bottom of the problem. It was a faulty MIDI controller keyboard which was spewing out a lot of unwanted data. It turned out not to be the cable, but the keyboard itself. Taking it out of the system cleared all the faults, and I am able to run version 2.2.2 without problems

I’m glad you were able to resolve this in the end!

Thanks Daniel. So am I . It’s wasted so many hours!