Dorico 2.2 installer crashes at copying files

I’m have tried over and over to get Dorico 2.2 to install on my Windows 10 v1809 system without success. There is no error message and the event log shows that kernebase.dll caused an exception. My confidence in this app is now ZERO. I have successfully installed Cubase Elements 10 and WaveLab Elements 9.5 on this same system without ANY issues. Why the problem with this app?? A BUG perhaps?
My system has a 9th Gen i7 CPU with Z390 chipset. I’ve never had an issue like this before with an installer causing an exception.
I made sure the e-Licenser app was activated and pre-installed the Halion playback app and that went fine except for the actual application install.
Tried to email these details along with the event logs to your USA support address, but I guess that was futile. I am hoping that I can get some answer before trying to call hopefully for a refund. January offer is not good if it doesn’t work. Was that the reason it was on sale perhaps?
I would like a refund on this app if I can’t install it.


Hi Frustrated, sorry to hear you’re having problems. This sounds like it really might be a Windows issue, even though it seems like a Dorico issue. Have you checked to make sure your .NET is updated?

You might also try the following:

  • use Revo Installer to remove all traces of Dorico and try again
  • check your %appdata% folder and delete any Dorico folders, and try again to install

Full disclosure: I’m not a computer whiz. :wink: But there is a supportive community here, and the dev team is very responsive. I’m sure it’ll get sorted out.

In this thread are instructions for creating a mini-dump (if you don’t know how to), and sending to Paul W, part of the dev team:

Thanks for the reply.
My .NET is updated, but I’ll check again. Like I said the event log says the that KERNEBASE.DLL crashed with an exception error. No more specifics, but that could be a segmentation fault (null pointer).
So there’s some issue with the installer using that DLL library functions that it didn’t like. I can provide the event log output to Steinberg for analysis. Curious why this installer has this problem when other Steinberg apps install fine. Just saying. If it was my system I most likely would see it with other apps. But perhaps it is doing something different when copying files than the others. Maybe I should get out Windbg and debug it. Geez, beta testing at its finest.

It is likely to be something specific to your PC. If it was a general problem, you wouldn’t be the first person to have reported it here.

I hope KERNEBASE.DLL is a misprint, because it should be called KERNELBASE.DLL. If you really have got something called KERNEBASE.DLL running, it is probably malware of some description, and failing to install Dorico might not be the worst problem you have!

Yes that was a typo, Duh. It should have been KERNELBASE.DLL. Yes, of course it’s mal-ware, called Dorico.

If you think Dorico is malware, why are you wasting your own time trying to install it, and wasting our time asking questions about it?

Did I know that before I purchased it? No, boy genius. All in life is a gamble.

Bruce, in general you’ll find the tone of this forum is courteous and professional (though we all have our moments…). Users are glad to help one another. You’ll be likely to get all the help you need, and more, if you respond in the same way.

If he is half as frustrated at trying to install on Windows as I am on a Mac…

The Download Assistant installed correctly. The license is on my eLicenser. The Download Assistant crashes while starting.

Reboot — doesn’t help
Quit all applications — doesn’t help
Doing both — doesn’t help
Running the shell script — doesn’t help (I have no other Steinberg products so no surprises there)
Read all documentation — what documentation? The manual doesn’t cover installation
Online installation tutorial — is there one? If not, why? If there is, how does one find it?
Download latest Download Assistant (again and again and again) — doesn’t help
The crashes are occuring on systems on which outdated OpenSSL libraries have been installed by open source software.
None that I know of — are you kidding me?

Uninstall and reinstall Download Assistant — doesn’t help
Double-click on the Download Assistant from inside Applications — doesn’t help
Do all the above in various combinations — doesn’t help.

iMac OS 10.13.3

I am quite ready to request a refund. This is ridiculous.

Yes, I have emailed Support,

Hi frustrated009 and PF Slow,
can we please handle this professionally. We are sorry to hear that you have problems with your installation.
Certainly, this is very frustrating for you, but please stay calm, we will help you on overcoming this issue.
We have already thousands of successful installations, but occasionally people have problems with it, but so far we could help them all, and I’m sure also soon in your case.

@frustrated009: Please send your logs to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. At what stage does the installer crash, is it already during unpacking or later in the process?

@PF Slow: Do you have crash logs of the Download Assistant that you could send me? Also, we could provide you the actual Dorico installer packages in a different way.

@PF Slow, the logs we will need to see are in /Users/your-username/Library/Logs/Steinberg/Download Assistant.

In the meantime, here are direct links to download the Dorico 2.2 installers:

Dorico 2.2 application installer
HALion Sonic SE 3 and factory content
HALion Symphonic Orchestra

No, they are not. I did find them in Library/Logs/Steinberg/Download Assistant but there’s no Steinberg folder in Users/… The three components installation logs went to the same folder.

In the meantime, here are direct links to download the Dorico 2.2 installers: …

Thanks for that. There was more frustration, a few more hours, much rebooting and a few more error messages but I was able to get it installed.

@PF Slow: Do you have crash logs of the Download Assistant that you could send me?

Should I instead attach them to any reply I receive from my support request (so far, I’ve received none, BTW)?

Send them to Ulf directly, at the email he listed above.

That’s right, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

PF Slow, could you please try choosing Go > Go To Folder in the Finder, and then copy and paste the following path into the line edit:

~/Library/Logs/Steinberg/Download Assistant

(being sure to include the tilde ~ at the start) then click Go. You should then find that you are in a folder containing log files produced by Steinberg Download Assistant. The files in /Library/Logs are only concerning the installation of SDA and not what happens when it actually runs.

Yes, that’s where I found it. I’ve emailed them in and received a reply already.

Per Ulf, it appears that there’s a Java bug at work here. As I have the latest build from Oracle (last week?) … anyway, glad to know that this is not my issue for now.

Thanks again for posting the links, without which, I never would have been able to install.

It is most likely a Java issue, but to find out 100% we’d need lots of trying and fiddling on the user side. But it’s questionable to spend time on that, since PF Slow is now up and running by other means.

No, that’s not kidding.

There was a major security issue over OpenSSL back in 2014. The libraries that permitted the malware to operate were widely used in “trusted” open source applications like LibreOffice, and many commercial services, ironically including some anti-virus packages. Many web-based services were open to the problem, including SoundCloud (just to name one likely to be of interest to musicians).

You might well have acquired those libraries by doing something that should have been perfectly legitimate, and (since presumably you weren’t aware there was an issue) they may not have been updated to fix the problem.

Since that shouldn’t be an issue on any Mac capable of running Dorico 2, my question stands. Anyway, that wasn’t the problem.

If you don’t think I answered it, that’s OK. I’m quite happy not to bother attempting to answer any other questions you might have about Dorico.