Dorico 2.2 - Music symbols & note names


Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to add new music symbols to the list of music symbols? I would like to add fingerings for clarinet.
  2. Do you have plans to implement option for inserting note names?


Dear zlatko99,

  1. I think you already can add fingerings with the playing techniques editor (press on the +, so that you will create a new playing technique). You can even choose to make it appear in the appropriate instrument subsection (woodwind?). I do not think you can use the music symbol editor for that, but I think playing technique is a better choice.
  2. There already is a notehead type with note names (with letters) inside, so what is it exactly that you need?

Hi Marc!

Thank you for your answer. I will try “playing technique” solution.
I know that I can use note names inside noteheads, but this is not what I want. In Sibelius I can automatically put note names below notes, and then I use special font to show clarinet fingerings. I can use plain text and my “clarinet font”, but then I have to do it for every note.

I’m working in music school with children from 8 - 19 years old. For younger students I need scales and chords with note names and fingerings for clarinet. With Sibelius I can do that, but I think Dorico is much better, and I would like to see something like “note names generator”. There are more reasons for that. For example: I’m in Croatia, and we use little different note names than the rest of the World.

You can see what I want in the attached example.

Dorico doesn’t currently have a feature to automatically add the note name for a note via text, but when we eventually have more extensive scripting capabilities it should hopefully be very easy to add this.

Ooh. This’ll be helpful for me. I often want to add cautionary note names to notes that are (for example) 3+ ledger lines off the stave. It’s a bit laborious doing them one at a time…

It would be nice to have plugins for that specific needs. Others who don’t need this features, they will not install & use plugin.

Plugins are dependent on Dorico having proper scripting functionality, which Daniel promised (with no specific timeframe!) a couple of posts up…