Dorico 2.2-problem with audio

I’ve installed Dorico 2.2. I have a big audio problem: I can not hear any sound when entering notes via MIDI keyboard. When playing a score in PLAY mode, only one sound is loaded and the others do not play. It also happens when I open a finished project from DORICO 2.2 When importing a MIDI file, the same problem is. But when I open an older project from DORICO 2.1, everything is playing correctly. What is wrong?

I’m not sure what could be going on here. In one of your projects that doesn’t sound correctly, what happens if you choose Play > Playback Template and reapply the ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template: does it then load all of the sounds you would expect?

I did it according to your instructions, but it still does not work. Again, one sound is loaded. Interestingly, all the projects made in Dorico 2.1 are working well. Does anyone else have the same trouble?

One more example: I opened the new empty Template Jazz trio project and tried to enter the notes. When entering notes to the Piano, the sound is played by drums. When I open Play, only drum sound is installed.

Would you please create a new empty project with a string quartet, wait a few seconds until HALion got loaded and then from the main menu choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop, please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.

I found out that the bug is in Halion Sonic SE. When I install Halion 6, everything is fine. But I have to set every sound separately. Why does not Halion Sonic SE work?

Which version of HSSE do you have? If you have version 3.2 then there is a known bug. We have a bug fix update in the pipeline that will come out soon.

Do you have Cubase 10?

To PaulWalmsley
Yes, I hyve CUBASE 10

Sorry: I have

User hanojek already sent me a diagnostic report which confirmed that he has HSSE 3.2 (which came together with Cubase 10 update).
That HSSE 3.2 has a known bug, which exposes itself especially in conjunction with Dorico.
A fix version for this issue is scheduled to come out soon.
Either wait for it, or revert for the time being to HSSE 3.1.

I can not find an older version of HALion SE 3.1. Where can I download it?

I’ve just noticed that on our webpage already the bug fix version HSSE 3.2.15 is available, so please use that: