Dorico 2.2 Unable To Open iCloud Files or Midi Files

Hello all

I just updated to Dorico 2.2 on my iPad and it is now unable to open any iCloud files. In the previous version it was able to open iCloud files with no issue. The error message that I receive is the following: “Error opening file”.

The only way that I can open any file is to copy it to the Dorico folder that is local to my iPad.

I uninstalled Dorico and reinstalled, no difference. I completely shut down the iPad, no difference.

This is occurring on the newest iPad Pro 12.9 running iPadOS 14.8.1…

The other thing that is occurring is that Dorico no longer opens midi files when selecting “Open or import file …”. The midi file is greyed out and is simply not selectable. I can force Dorico to open the file by going to “Files” and clicking on “Share” to Dorico but this is a rather awkward way to work and in the previous version I didn’t experience this limitation.

As I continue to use it I’m now seeing it created a file called “tmp” in the local Dorico “Open a Project” screen. I try to open the tmp file and get “Error: invalid parameter”. I try to delete the file called “tmp” and it won’t allow me to remove it. Looking at it further it appears that it is not showing me a file but rather showing me the /private/var/…/tmp Dorico ipad directory.

The file manager on this version seems a bit broken (or maybe its just undocumented “features”). Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, @dlr007. I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with the new “Open in Place” functionality in Dorico for iPad 2.2. I’m not sure what might be going on – we have had a couple of users report this kind of difficulty with Dropbox, but not with iCloud Drive. I will ask my colleague Graham, who has led the work on Open in Place support, about this when we are all back at our desks after the Easter weekend.

Is there a particular reason why you are running iPadOS 14 rather than iPadOS 15? Is there perhaps an app on your iPad that prevents you from updating to the latest version of iPadOS?

This always happened to me (and still happens) if the file is not downloaded before clicking on it. Does it happen if you first hold-press on the file and click download, and then you open the file?

Lucas - Thanks for your insight. These files were already downloaded and resident on my iPad. Prior to updating to Dorico 2.2 this morning I could read and open the very same files on my iPad with the previous version of Dorico with no issues. However, immediately following the update nothing was accessible and was greyed out.

Thanks for responding so quickly especially on a weekend.

I am a software developer and this iPad is currently running iPadOS 14 for app compatibility, development and testing purposes.

I’m guessing that what I’m seeing may be an anomaly related to possibly targeting the iCloud changes and build in the Dorico 2.2 program code exclusively to iPadOS 15.

I don’t believe we’re using any iPadOS 15-specific APIs, but that is something I will check with Graham after the weekend.

Checking to see if there are any updates?

No, not yet, I’m afraid. Here in the UK our Easter weekend included a bank holiday on Monday so we have only been back in the office for one day, and my colleague Graham is still looking into the reported issues with Dropbox and OneDrive. I will provide an update when one is available.

Not a problem.

Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate the incredible level of support and interaction you and your team provide for Dorico. Based on this I would be tempted to buy Dorico even if I never ever planned to use it or even knew what it was. Thank you.

Excessive, but understandable. :wink:

Just to provide a small update: we had a meeting to discuss these issues yesterday and Graham is on the tail of the problems. I’ll come back with more info when I have it.

Checking in to see if there is any update?

You do not need to bump the thread. There will not be a change in this until the Dorico Team issues an update. And whenever there is an update, it will appear in a pinned message at the top of the thread list. You do not have to ask; just check the top of the thread list to see if there is a new version of the software and then read the message (and Release Notes) to see what has been added.

We are still investigating the issues with Google Drive. My hope is that the next update to Dorico for iPad will solve the problem, but until we actually have a fix for the problem, obviously we can’t say for sure whether this will be the case.

A further update on the Google Drive issue (spoiler alert: it’s bad news):

Installed the newest version of IPad Dorico today, the issue still exists where Dorico is unable to open iCloud drive files.

Please note that this has nothing to do with Google Drive, it is entirely related to iCloud file access (100% Apple related technology here).

I must admit to feeling a bit frustrated as I paid for an entire year subscription for Dorico iPad and have not been able to use Dorico on my iPad properly since early April (short of the convoluted copy approach mentioned in my first post).

Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m very sorry for the problems you have had with Dorico for iPad and iCloud Drive. I would be happy to provide you with a promotional code to provide you with another year of your subscription, if that would help to assuage your disappointment while we try to resolve this issue.

Can you confirm that the original symptoms you reported remain the same, i.e. that you still cannot open files from iCloud Drive, regardless of whether you open them directly via the Files app, or via the Open or Import File button in Dorico’s Hub? And you are still running iOS 14.8.1 on your iPad Pro?

To provide an update to this issue: we have located an iPad running iOS 14 and we can reproduce the problem that you are experiencing, @dlr007. We’re looking into it and will hopefully be able to provide a fix in the near future. I’ll provide another update as soon as I can.