Dorico 2.2: What to upgrade with Steinberg Download Assistant?

Hi Daniel and Team

The updated Steinberg Download Assistant for version 2.2 includes a couple of extra items that I did not expect:

i) Dorico 2.2 Playback 1 - HALion Sonic SE 3. This is clearly different from Dorico 2.1.10 and presumably should be downloaded and updated.
ii) Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library. This has the same name and file length (5.91 GB) as in Dorico 2.1.10. Is it different or can we skip over it?

It appears that people are running the “Dorico Pro 2.2 - Application Installer”, so I will do so when I am sure about whether to reinstall the Orchestra Library.

By the way, what happens if “Dorico 2.2 Playback 1 - HALion Sonic SE 3” is NOT installed? Would playback in Dorico 2.2 still work?

Many thanks, Team Dorico

You don’t need to install Halion if you already had it. There are some updates planned to the playback library, but they’re not out yet.

Maybe as a general request, since almost everybody seems to be confused by this every time (including me):

Is there a way to make clear to the Dorico user base what’s needed and what is not?
I mean, why is there a “Dorico 2.2. Playback” if it is not needed in the first place? Maybe the Download Center could be more intelligent here, showing me what I need and what I don’t?

After every update people ask what is needed and what is not, and I’m sure there can be some easy way to reduce this confusion.

And while we’re on general requests here, could something be added to the Dorico Updater that prompts a user to restart? There have been at least two OMG MASSIVE BUG posts on this forum, plus a couple on the Facebook group, and I’m sure there were plenty more when 2.1 came out (and there will likely be more in the next few days).

The Windows installer does prompt you to restart under certain circumstances, but due to the way the sub-packages in the installer are handled, it’s not always possible for the installer to know whether or not it should prompt you to restart. The alternative would be to force you to restart your computer even if it’s technically unnecessary, which we thought would be even worse.

I wouldn’t say that.
As a Windows user I am used to restarting after major installs or upgrades, so no harm would be done :wink:

I’m kind of with Estigy on this one :wink: