Dorico 2.2. Wow

I haven’t even begun look at all the new features, but flow titles and Tacets mean that Dorico is now 100% Prime Time for me. And Da Capo repeats will be essential in the 18th-century opera arias I’m doing!

This is Awesome.

Huge update! I would pay for this!
Congrats to the Dorico team and Steinberg

Wow indeed. Clever, very clever!!!
I’m happy with midi recording, it will speed up working with Dorico.

Edit: input fingering advancing with arrow keys, space and Tab works great!

My honest congratulations for this huge and fantastic update.
Very well done.

Thanks especially for the improved fingering input!

Awesome! Anyone knows if you need to update HALion Sonic SE 3 or is it the same since 2.1?

You don’t need to update HSSE3, though a new release of the plug-in will be available very soon that has improved support for high-DPI displays on Windows.

There’s a Dorico 2.2 Playback 1- HalionSonic 3 SE file in the Download Assistant. Do we have to download and install this?

Dorico team: You’ve outdone yourselves! Thanks for so much detail to every new feature. Congratulations!
The waiting was definitely worth it.

Many, many thanks and thumbs ups to the whole team for this fantastic Update !!!

Great! In the download assistance it’s hard to know what is up to date and what is not.

Once again, Dorico goes from not having a particular feature to having the stand out best implementation (in more than 1 area)!

Now if only Saint Nick would bring us proper MusicXML exports :slight_smile: Alas I’ll have to wait for D3, and wait I shall.

Yup. This one knocks it right out of the park.


Now let me add the value of this free update to the last payed updated…

I’m simply overwhelmed!
So many new functions were added and so many requests on this forum were answered in perfection.
Great big compliments for all the team!
I just was inhaling the new videos and was moved by the joy with wich Antony Hughes presented them.

Big enough for a major update - I would not hesitate a second to pay for it (if I had to :confused: )
One of your rare female users

I recently started the free trial, and I thought to myself, “Damn, I wish I could change the bracketing on the instruments.” And lo and behold, now I can! I’m sold. Great job, Dorico Team! I’ll definitely be buying this once I’m no longer a poor college student (can’t even afford the student discount)!

Merry Update-mas, everyone!


“It’s fair to say that real-time MIDI recording is among the longest-awaited features to be added to Dorico”.

Well, I can say I had been waiting for it for about thirty years!

Thank you for doing it, and apparently very well!



Do we need to update the Playback libraries? There’s the one called Dorico 2.2 Playback 1. Do we need to install this coming from the previous version?


No, that one isn’t changed yet. Future updates coming, I believe.

This update is really awesome. Thank you very much!

What a fabulous update. Dorico is growing into something special. I don’t know what your competitors think when an update like this comes out, but if I was them, I’d head out to the pub…

There’s a ton of stuff here, but thanks particularly for:

1.Flow headings
2. Trills (genuinely knocked out by the depth to which you’ve implemented this)
3. Midi Recording
4. Jazz Articulations
5. Hiding unused outputs
6. Select More
7.Repeat markers
8. Instrument Grouping
9. Option dialogs
10 The Metronome and Playback preroll

And so many Key Command opportunities - my Stream Deck is going to be working overtime…

Many thanks.