Dorico 2.3 for iPad and Windows 10

Hey, All

I bought an iPad and am interested in Dorico 2.3 for iPad to have Dorico available anywhere.
My issue is that I can’t find a way to share Dorico files between my Windows 10 PC and the iPad. Apple doesn’t allow bluetooth file sharing, and when connected to my PC, while the ipad shows up, it only shows a DCIM folder and I am unable to copy Dorico files to it. As I know many of you are Apple users, is there a fix for this, or should I forget about Dorico for iPad?


Hi, install iCloud for Windows on your Windows PC, then save all your files to a folder on iCloud, eg DoricoScores or someting. It all works fine for me using my iPad and Win10 PC (and my MacBook).

Thank You!
The iPad is the only Apple thing I’ve ever used since I got rid of my Macbook Pro years ago.
It’s not easy being Windows in an ‘Apple’ world. Thanks for teaching me something new. :slight_smile:

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