Dorico 2 30-day trial extension??

Decided to give Dorico 2 Pro a go and start with the trial.
Many on this forum have a problem with 30-day trials in general and Dorico is no exception.
Like many others I need more than 30 days to audition this kind of software given the steep learning curve.

Is it possible to auditon the software with a second 30-day trial (new activation code) or extend the first one?

I know you could use Dorico 1.2 trial and then Dorico 2 trial. This would give you two months of Dorico for free to learn to use the software. The main philosophy of the software has not changed at all with version 2, only some (really nice) new features have been added. But I have been using Dorico 1 since day 1 for professional editing with pleasure…

No, it’s not possible to extend the trial, except by us issuing another activation code: the online system won’t do that for the same email address. You can contact me and request another trial code, but I think that 30 days is a pretty decent amount of time to trial the software.