Dorico 2.4 for iPad. Black Screen

Hi, just upgraded to 2.4. On my iPad Pro. Dorico starts as usual - I see for a second a grey D in a black bacround - after that just a black screen. Quit/Start again doesn’t help. iPad On/Off doesn’ help as well. I own a LifeTime license. Would appreciate very much your help😊
Thank you

Solved. I had to delete Dorico completely and reinstall it from the AppStore. Everything works fine now:)

It worked fine till I wanted to close a project and return to the hub. It didn’t work. Force quit. After that black screen on start again…Hm…No ideas why and how to solve it

Hi mipi,
'Thinking about doing that for a problem I have with “return to hub” hanging. Comforting to know that you came through the process unscathed.
Geoff D.

It seams I didn’t

'Replied too soon on that. 'Hope you get sorted - I’ve spent a lot of this evening hanging and hoping Dorico would recover - then performing a hard reset and hoping to pick up the pieces. Good luck.
Geoff D.

Me too, had the black screen after updating. Reinstall fixed it but make sure (anyone else) you have previous songs saved, copied somewhere else from “On my iPad” before you uninstall. I emailed them to myself.
See Dorico for iPad 2.4 released with iCloud Drive improvements – Dorico

Probably the same thing: Can no longer open Dorico on iPad
They might want to merge these threads
I did not find any related Settings > Privacy > etc, so could not send them to Daniel

Great idea. I hope they will merge threads. I found this file and will send it soon. Thank you for this link