Dorico 2 after installation shows always pro version

After i installed Dorico abd opened it, it’s alwas shown the Pro Logo and in the help menu it’s showing the same.
While it’s starting it always appears a message that one or more components are missing, that it is missing the orchestra library which is
includet in the pro but not in the elements version that i use.

I am looking for ideas that lead to an sultion or something that can solve this problem.

The usb-licenser that i use contains an elements key.

Thank you for any help!

Do you have a Pro trial license on your Soft-eLicenser, by any chance? If so, you’ll have to wait for that to expire before your Elements license will start being used.

Exactly! I used a trail version of Dorico and that is or better now was the problem.

I ordered cubase pro and dorico, both i used as a trail and this licenses i have on an USB-Licecenser.
With cubas pro came a new USB-Licenser and so i took the old one out to use the new.

Bevor i’ve disconneted the old i traed to erase the trail-versions from the old, but that wasn’t possible.

So i used the new LIcenser and uninstalled fist all the old versions of the programms, i also erased all the steinberg file and folders in
C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86), also in the common folders and in the users appdata folders.
I also cleaned the windows-registry.

After installing and open dorico the first time and later on it always shows the pro version and it’s asking for the ochestra library:

So the new licenses are on the new USB-Licenser and the trail-licenses are on the old one.

Now i put both usb-licenser in an usb-slot of the pc and suddenly as i opened dorico it runs as elements.
So i’ve taken the old USB-Licenser out and it still opens as elemets, alos after booting the pc it runs as elements.

From a german support i heard about a dorico-file and that this problem is known.

Now it runs as elemts that i bought and use.

A question is now, how can i erase the trail-versions from the old licenser?

There is a lot of problems that i have with dorico, so that i have to use my DAW and my other notation software “MuseScore”, therefor i didn’t
buy dorico and in my opinion it is not ready to go on market. There is a lot to do on it in my opinion, at the moment i can not really use it and so it is not worth the price. I will try to find more about it but it is possible that i try to give it back, i sell or throw it.

I am not luckky with dorico at present :frowning:

dimugi, I’d be curious to know what problems you’re having with Dorico. I am confident the users here on the forum could help you achieve nearly anything you’d want to accomplish with it. The number of common notational functions that Dorico cannot yet perform is extremely small!

Shure, but because there is a lot of problems i is difficult to tell about all.

One example is, that dorico is always destroing me notations while adding new notes or other elemnts, also the insert mode doesn’t help.
Than it taken notes by midi from the keyboard but doesn’t take the way the notes are played. It takes the notes but only as full, half or ever note worth
is asjusted, not the way, the worth that are played. That is known by steinberg and is not supported at the moment.

It’s not looking for vst in other folders than the common folders of the OS and not to adjust through the menu settings.
There is files that can be added to make dorico looking for other vst, it’s more for vst2-files but what if there are some vst3 in
other folders than usuel?

That are the main problems that i need to solve to use it.

Do you mean that it is changing the beaming and other ways in which the rhythms are displayed? This is intended to be one of its greatest strength, as the program tries to display the “correct” rhythmic notation. But if you can make it use your preferred rhythmic values by using Force Durations (O).

If you’re referring to real-time MIDI input, you’re not alone. Many other users, including myself, are looking forward to this feature, and I believe it is coming in the short term.

I like to add the notes manually but that is not possible in dorico, i have no use for a feature like that.
That it’s calculating alway the bars and what still fits in is maybe a great feature but is always chop up, destroying the already given notes.

Cuase i can also not do it by midi keyboard, i don’t find a way to put in the notes the way i like it.
I will try it out in MuseScore wich is a free program and put the midi-file later on in dorico, if this works,
than i can use dorico with vst, that is not easy to adjust in musescor but also not much better in dorico.

But do do so, i dindn’t buy dorico, so it is useless at her moment for me.