Dorico 2 and Vienna Symphonic Library


What settings and strategies would be best employed to fully enjoy, as much as can be, Vienna Symphonic Library’s functionalities in Dorico Pro 2? And another couple of questions, I’ve read about a few issues with Expression Maps, have these been resolved? Are there any other significant limitations on working with Vienna Symphonic Library in Dorico Pro 2?

Any hints or insights on this issue would be much appreciated.

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You really need to consult VSL official team to pursuade them remake a set of expression maps for Dorico.
Anyway, I gave up. I’m fine with NotePerformer now.

It depends on your setup, but, if you know your way around expression maps, most should work.

Shiki, after your reply, I’ve reposted my original post on VSL’s community forum. It seems the issue lies with Dorico not VSL, and that the Dorico team is working it out for the next release; here is their (VSL’s team) reply, verbatim:

“So far there are no Dorico Expression Maps for our libraries, because there are still some limitations in the Dorico Expression Maps system. As far as I know the Dorico team is working on them for the next version. In the meantime it would be possible to make your own Expression Maps based on the Cubase Expression Maps we provide. Making articulation changes without Expression Maps my be a bit cumbersome.”

LSalgueiro, you meant the Cubase Expression Maps, right? Or am I missing something?

No, I meant Dorico’s. You can use the Cubase xmaps VSL provides as a starting point, but they won’t be fully compatible.

Paul’s reply is interesting, in that it seems that the contact between both teams has moved on to specifics and that there are definitely new things coming in this area. Other than that, they’ve always chucked to ball to Dorico’s court, because, understandably, they probably don’t want to waste time updating the maps they could provide to keep up with Dorico’s development. But truth is, one could always use VSL since day one in Dorico (and I believe I have), and most features would be up to speed. You just had to map expressions yourself.

Ok, LSalgueiro, you meant Expression Maps you yourself wrote for Dorico. I’ll delve deeper into that, to see what I can make of it and see if I can craft my own Expression Maps.
I don’t know who you’re talking about, I don’t know who Paul is. My VSL interlocutor was named Andreas. Anyway, thanks for the feedback and clearing things up.

By Paul I meant Paul Kopf, VSL’s Product Manager, who often replies in the forums.

Check whether someone has shared their xmaps in the pinned thread here in the forums. I had promised to do so myself, but I never found the time… Besides, mine are often very specific to my setup or adapted on a project-to-project basis from a small core of default patches…

Thank you, LSalgueiro. Actually, I think it’s a good thing to immerse myself somewhat in the encoding and writing of Expression Maps, as it might afford me a bit of an edge on this issue, and definitely more autonomy in thinking and working things through.