Dorico 2 - congratulations!

Congratulation Daniel and team … major upgrade! :slight_smile:

I just downloaded and installed version 2, and NotePerformer 3, and playback is a MAJOR improvement over what it was before … with zero fuss of setup.

Can’t wait to try all the other new features, large time signatures, video, divisi. Now I’m really getting serious about learning Dorico!

Completely agree with Peter’s sentiments. Installation was a breeze and the new sound with NotePerformer 3 is a major leap forward for the kind of composition I do.

Congratulations to whole Dorico development team!!!

Fully seconded. You should be extremely proud, if I may make so bold.

Talk about leading the market…

There’s something even more elegant and businesslike in this version.

Many congrats to you all.

And thanks!

It really looks kind of cool. It’s seems like it’s becoming a Cubase with a score-based workflow instead of a sequence-based workflow. Loving it. I’m wondering whether Cubase and Dorico will converge with time into Cubarico (or whatever) where you can seamlessly switch between score-based and sequence-based workflows. This would be awesome. It feels like this could be getting really interesting in a few years.

I’d like to add my voice.

Huge congrats team, this is a huge update, and directly addresses pretty much all the issues that were stopping me moving over from Sibelius, plus adding a lot more icing to the cake as well.

Very excited to try out the new divisi support, as someone who does a bit of arranging full orchestral scores down to string orchestra, the handling of divisi has always been a big problem.

NotePerformer support is also a very welcome addition, I’ll have to send some congrats to Arne as well.

I am in the middle of a big road trip and can’t download or purchase yet - arrrgghh, it looks amazing!! I can’t wait to get back home, or at least to WiFi!!!


Yes! I went into Dorico last year and I began to forget what I have been using for years (Finale).
I didn’t doubt to get Dorico Pro 2.0
Now I’m sure I won’t continue using Finale.
I know there are lots of things Dorico can add in the future, but I’m amazed how easy is to do many things that were a nightmare in Finale (sorry, it’s not a bad software, of course, but many things are impossible to do).
I was upset when Finale didn’t support movies in the program itself, I work with silent movies…
I didn’t expect this issue in Dorico Pro 2.0… Thanks!!

I’ll raise my hand too. Congrats Dorico Team!

I just downloaded and installed D2 Pro. My initial reaction is awesome! Great look and features. And…

Repeats work!!! My latest score played perfectly, repeating on cue!

Many thanks,