Dorico 2 crashes when trying to remove a flow from a layout

The title says the problem I’m having. I’m trying to follow the instructions here

When, in Setup mode, I select the layout from the panel on the top right by highlighting it and then try to uncheck the box on the flow card, Dorico crashes. If I try to do it by right-clicking on the card for the flow, clicking on layouts and clicking on a player, same thing happens.

If I create a duplicate flow, I can check and uncheck that, nothing happens. But doing the same on the original copy of that flow causes the crash.

In the parts, only the first flow shows, but in the full score two flows show. But both flow cards show as checked in all layouts.

Here’s the diagnostics file.
Dorico (441 KB)

Sorry you’re experiencing this crash. Can you attach the project itself here, David? The program is crashing during casting off. I can’t easily cast my mind back far enough to remember whether this is something we know about and fixed in Dorico 3, or whether you would also experience this problem if you bought the update to Dorico 3. But if you can attach the project and tell us exactly what you’re doing to instigate the crash, I’ll gladly take a look.