Dorico 2 - different font & font size for time signatures in score and parts

Is it now possible in Dorico 2 to set a different font and a different font size in score and parts?

You cannot set a different font between score and parts, but you can change the size of text that uses Paragraph Styles, just as you can in Dorico 1.2.10.

Oh sorry, in my effort to be as concise as possible I forgot to write “Time Signature”!
I have now edited the title accordingly.
So my question is about different font and font size in time signatures in score and parts.

Yes, you can indeed do that, via the new Time Signatures page of Layout Options.

Ah ok, great :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer Daniel.

But would you consider making this possible? When the rastral sizes differ much between score and parts it’s very hard to find a compromise for the font sizes of many notation elements. I’d suggest to add a second size option to the font styles dialog so there’s ‘font size in score’ and ‘font size in parts’.

No, our plan over time is to migrate more of the text-like things that are currently using font styles to use paragraph styles instead, as we did in Dorico 2 for bar numbers, for example.

I see. Sounds good. Thanks for the quick response, Daniel!