Dorico 2 - Download of Orchestra Library?

just bought Dorico Pro 2. The Download Assistant offers me to download two playback files. Is it nessecary to download the Orchestra Library, if one has installed Dorico 1. If updated to Halion Sonic SE 3 some time ago. Is this an updated version or is this the same as the recent version (2.5.10)?

Very impressed from the videos and can’t wait to try Dorico 2!


You don’t need to download the HSO installer again: that really is the same as the one in Dorico 1.2. But I would recommend downloading the HSSE3 installer, as that includes the latest version (3.1.0 build 85).

On a related note, once I have installed Dorico 2 and HSSE3 will they replace Dorico 1.2 and HSSE2? If not, (on macOS) I assume just dragging Dorico 1.2 to the trash is sufficient to uninstall, but how would you uninstall HSSE2? (Disk space is a precious commodity.)

HSSE3 will indeed replace HSSE2, but Dorico 2 will sit alongside Dorico 1. You can indeed drag Dorico 1 to the Trash if you are feeling rash! :slight_smile:

I am in the middle of inadvertently reloading the full orchestral library. Will it replace or duplicate? Thanks.

It will update your current installation, but it won’t actually do anything. So you can just cancel the download and delete the partial download instead!