Dorico 2 - Elements version

Hello guys,

I have never used Sibelius/Dorico and would like to know your thoughts about Dorico 2 Elements, how is the program compared to the Cubase score editor for instance? is it easy to use ?
I manly plan to use it to make and edit score sheets for piano part (melodies and chord progressions) and maybe some little orchestra part later.
Is the Elements version a good starter and not too frustrating compared with the Pro version ? Does Elements worth the cost ?

Thanks for your advices

Dorico Elements is brand new and has been available less than a week, so there probably aren’t too many people out there yet who have developed a strong opinion about exactly how it stacks up compared to Cubase’s score editor. My advice would be to wait a little while for the trial version to become available, and then give it a try yourself to see how you find it.

Thanks for your answer. Any idea of when this trial will be available ??

Yes, within a couple of weeks.

I just bought this to use on my MacBook Air. I can use my studio version of Dorico Pro 2 for the heavy lifting and Elements for sketching ideas and some basic editing.

I had been thinking about a second copy of DP2 but Elements is a better (and cheaper!) solution for me.

And, again, thank you Daniel and Team for creating a new model for music notation software.


Will definitly try it!