Dorico 2 hangs on launch

This feels like one of those problems that might be specific to my setup, but here it is anyway.

When I launch Dorico 2, if I then take the focus away from the launch process (e.g. to use another app while Dorico loads) and then return to it, the splash screen has frozen on the step that says ‘Suspend ASIO: true’ and goes no further. I can’t recover without force-quitting the launch process. This is reproducible.

The only way Dorico will launch without a problem is if I keep it in focus the whole time and watch the splash screen. When this happens, I don’t even see ‘Suspend ASIO: true’, presumably because it goes by so fast that I don’t notice it.

I am on Mac (High Sierra) and can provide more system info if needed.

Can you make sure that the ‘Suspend audio device when in the background’ option in the Play section of the General page of Preferences is switched off?

I’ve switched it off now, and the problem is fixed. Thanks!
(Was it a known bug?)

No, it’s not specifically a known bug, but that option was already a little unreliable on some systems in the first place, and I think a change made to the audio engine in Dorico 2 might have made it more problematic. On Mac it’s really unnecessary anyway, so we may actually end up removing it.

Gotcha. Thanks for your reply and fix — especially on a Sunday!


Reporting that I’m seeing the same behavior (splash screen frozen with “Suspend ASIO: True”) quite a lot (probably every other day) since upgrading to Pro 2.0. I have an SPL Creon sound card.

I’ve now unchecked the “Suspend audio device when in the background” option and hopefully this will improve things, although I would actually like to keep this option on to avoid conflicts with other applications.