Dorico 2 hangs while saving big score

Dear Dorico Team,

the improvements in the new version are great.

Currently, I am using extensively the new Divisi and Tutti feature. I was able to save my work several times. But during the last save action, it hangs forever. I used the OS snapshot feature and created the attached dump. Unfortunately, this is not reproducible.

In case that you would like to get the score as well, please let me know. I could upload it to a shared folder.

Many thanks in advance! (87 KB)

Could you try going to Edit > Device Setup and increasing your buffer size? If it’s very small (e.g. 64 samples or so), we have seen a problem – so far only on Windows though I don’t think there’s any reason in principle why it might not also happen on Mac – whereby the audio engine is reporting to Dorico hundreds of times a second that it is unable to process the slice of audio in the allotted time, and that flooding causes Dorico to become unresponsive. Saving a project can then take upwards of 10 minutes.

This issue has already been resolved in our internal builds, and so the fix will find its way into the next release, but for now you should be able to avoid the problem altogether by using a larger buffer size – e.g. 256 samples should be sufficiently large.

The buffer size was already set up to 512. So this cannot be the reason :frowning:
It did not happen again, so I hope that this was just a glitch.
Many thanks anyway!

I had te same.
I am working on big project and since I updated to Dorico 2, the time to open it is much longer. It stacks at 71 percent and then I have to wait. It didin’t do like that in Dorico 1.
A couple of times Dorico hanged while I was trying to save the project.
And I have impression, that every action I am doing, it lasts a little bit longer than before. I am working on Mac.

Try changing the buffer size in Edit > Device Setup to be a little larger: that may resolve the slow saving.

I changed the buffer size to the highest (2048) and tryed also with a little but higher than 512 (768), but still I have a problems with the speed of Dorico. I have this problems since my upgrade from Dorico 1. The project I currently working on is opening very slow.
I have also problem with playback. Even when I am trying to change modes to Play mode, Dorico hangs for a long time. Or when I want to open Halion Sonic.

General feeling is, that Dorico is working very slow. And I have Macbook Pro (mid 2015), so it should handle it. Dorico 1 was much faster.

And I have problems with the playback. When I check some parts of my score and press „P” button, the playback starts from the begining of piece, not from selection. But it occurs only in some parts of my piece. In other playback starts from where it supposed to start.

Can you try sampling the Dorico process when opening your big project? Go to Activity Monitor and select the Dorico process, then start opening the file, go back to Activity Monitor and choose Sample Process from the cog menu at the top-left, and send me the resulting file. It might also be useful to have the project itself, plus if you could also do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send the zip file from your desktop, that would help us to diagnose what might be going on.

Thank you, I send You via e-mail.

Hello, I would like just to write some numbers. It is just for information, I’m aware, that it takes time to fix it.
I took the stoper and measure time needed for Dorico to manage some actions in my project:

– 1 minute 50 seconds to open my project
– 1 minute 27 seconds to change from write mode to play mode
– 38 seconds to start playback of my score.

The buffer size is maximum.
It for sure started since update from Dorico 1 to Dorico 2. And this is case of one particular project. But I don’t have any other such big project, so I can’t compare it.

I did measurements on my side as well.
Loading the score takes 1’24’’ on my MacBook Pro 2015 with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. Its file size is 10.7MB. It contains 107 systems with 31 flows, printed it is 224 pages.

@Daniel if you need more examples to solve the issue, please let me know. I can send you a sampled diagnostics as well with the score. I know from my own experience that performance tuning is difficult. But compared to version 1.0, the application has improved a lot!!!

Piotr, please create samples using Activity Monitor when switching from Write mode to Play mode, and send them to me. You should also include the current version of the project, please.

I am having similar issues with a large project, and would be delighted if I could jump onto this train and send some data.

Startup hangs at 71%, opens after a minute or two; saving takes 1-2 minutes; and sometimes the project will just hang for more than 20 minutes, prompting a force quit. Mid-2012 MBP, upgraded to 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD. Project is 49 MB. (Custom Tuning System, several flows.)

Today, I discovered that Dorico has loaded something like 200 instances of HALion Sonic SE. For 21 players playing 44 instruments, this seems quite excessive; indeed, only the first 64 are loaded up with 16 instruments (which still seems excessive; perhaps it has to do with the custom tuning system). Note the scroll bar on the right.

The computer is working very hard, with the fan whizzing as fast as it can, and sometimes the kernel_task kicking in to keep it from overheating.

What do you suggest? I’d be happy to send you whatever you need.

Thanks to Daniel I solved my problem with playback and time needed to open my project. I had to switch off “play repeats” in Play mode (playback options). In my project I have local time signatures and local repeats (aleatoric technique). Dorico didn’t know how to do a proper playback.
Now it is much more faster.

Update: I deleted all empty instances of HALion Sonic SE, to little effect. This left 64 still loaded with 16 instruments each. Operating on the theory that this was absurd, I deleted all but 5. Dorico is functioning at least an order of magnitude more quickly, with save times back around 5 seconds, playback restored, the hasn’t had to kick into overdrive, and thusfar, no fatal errors requiring force quit. Huzzah!

I suspect that somehow when I was importing material from other projects, duplicate instruments were produced. It still makes no sense to me that quite so many VST instruments were loaded.

If you have a backup version of the project still lurking in your Backup Projects folder, David, I’d be interested to see it, though I guess you’d need to send it to me via WeTransfer as I suspect it’ll be too big for email, even zipped up.

I sent the backup version this morning, thinking that it was purely academic at this point on my end. Alas, VST Audio Engine is at it again, over “300% CPU.”

I forgot to mention, that my problems with Dorico hanging while saving is still present. It is not so often, once a two/three days. I have to restart the computer and then I can save my project again.
Sometimes Dorico also hangs when I am deleting music frames.

When Dorico hangs during saving, you need to run a sample of the process and send that to me along with the current state of the project file and the application.log file from your Dorico user data folder. Without that information, we can’t possibly do anything about it.