Dorico 2 install fails at "REVerence music" stage

I get an install failure on Dorico 2 Pro each time when installing a component called “REVerence music”. (See attached screen cap.)

Latest OSX High Sierra, plenty of disk space.

Any suggestions?

Just to make sure there are no processes lurking around in the background while you’re installing, it’s worth rebooting and trying the installation again.

Normally this kind of failure is due to something still trying to access the eLicenser. As Ben suggests, a reboot and then running the installer before running any other application should take care of it.

Having just figured out problem (via peering at Console output), I’ll post the solution here in case anyone else has the same situation.

Pre High Sierra I decided to move Halion content to an external drive, and set up a hard symlink since I didn’t see any obvious way to tell Dorico or Halion to look elsewhere for those instruments. With the conversion to High Sierra and APFS the hard links were converted into aliases. This apparently worked fine for when Dorico/Halion wanted to read those instruments, but caused havoc with the Dorico 2/Halion 3 installers, which apparently can’t treat an alias like the real thing. I removed the alias and the problems went away.

A cautionary tale about hacky solutions!

Hmm. I just submitted a support request because I can’t complete a Dorico 2 install at the same point.

I tried the troubleshooting steps (reboot, install with a “clean” admin act, uninstall all eLicenser files and Dorico installs). Nothing fixed it and I ended up deleting my Dorico 2 upgrade/Dorico 1 soft licenses (the licenser change number and while trying to activate it, the old number depreciated or something like that).

I’ll look into the links. I definitely have some soft links (created with ln -s) since my 256GB internal HD is always too full.

I deleted the VST3 soft link and my whole /Library/Application Support/Steinberg folder. One of those two changes fixed the installation issue and the installation completed…Now I just have to get a fix for the upgrade license.

Yah, I think the takeaway is that the installer can’t deal with symlinks or aliases.

Hard links would have worked, since the file system treats them as synonymous with the actual directories, but I’m not sure those are possible any more under High Sierra.