Dorico 2 licence after upgrading to Dorico 3

I have a licence for Dorico 2 Pro and have upgraded it to Dorico 3 Pro.
Could I use still Dorico 2 licence on another machine?
Or is the licence for Dorico 2 Pro is obsolete (destroyed)?

You should still be able to use Dorico 2!

On another computer?
How could I do it?

Sorry, read over that part.
If you use the USB elicenser, you can easily switch between computers.
It’s still only one licence, but you keep access to older versions.

I do not have a USB dongle.
what I am asking is the possibilty using software licence.
Sorry for unclearness.

Dear prko,
No, you cannot use (yet) one license on soft E-licenser on two different machines (even with two different versions of Dorico). The license you buy is meant to be used on one machine at a time, nevermind the version. Either you use an USB E-Licenser and you can move the license, or you use the soft E-Licenser, and it does not move from that computer.
Be careful: once you go the USB E-Licenser route, there’s no coming back to soft E-Licenser.

Then no, since the licence is then coupled to your computer.
If you intend on switching often, investing in either a USB elicenser or a second licence (if you intend to use both computers simultaneously) might be worth it.

You’ll find many threads on this forum (and elsewhere) that complain about this, but unfortunately it’s a Steinberg thing (rather than a Dorico thing).
Changes to this rigid system are promised, but most likely not coming soon.

(If you meant that you dont have a USB-A to USB-C dongle, I feel you man. I have one for my MPB, but the USB elicenser is practically the only thing I need it for…)

Thank you. This was what I wanted to know.
I realised that the licence of Dorico 2 is disappeared on the “My product” on Steinberg webpage as well.

Thank you!

As you seem to have realised, the old licence is replaced by the new one when you upgrade a Steinberg licence. Applying a Dorico 3 Pro upgrade activation code to a Dorico 2 Pro licence means you now have a Dorico 3 Pro licence and you do not have a Dorico 2 Pro licence.

Steinberg licences work with old versions of the product, so you can continue to run Dorico 2 Pro with your Dorico 3 Pro licence. As had been said, we are still stuck with the old eLicenser technology, so you can choose between putting a Dorico licence on a soft eLicenser on a computer’s hard disk (which ties the licence to that machine; you can reactivate this type of licence on another machine but the process is not designed for frequent moves) or on a USB eLicenser. You can move a licence from a soft eLicenser to a USB eLicenser but not the other way round.

There are some Steinberg products that cannot be activated on a soft eLicenser - from memory these are Cubase Artist, Cubase Pro, Nuendo and WaveLab Pro. There might be others.

I have a USB eLicenser for Cubase 10 Pro, but choose to keep all my other Steinberg licenses (Dorico 3 Pro, Spectralayers 6 Pro, Iconica Ensembles and Iconica Sections & Players) on an eLicenser. I am aware I own both parts of Iconica separately - I bought both parts in separate sales which discounted new sales but not upgrades, so it worked out cheaper to have separate licences than to buy one part of Iconica and upgrade that licence to Iconica Opus.

Even when a new licensing system arrives, yI expect it will be overly optimistic to think it will allow running (say) Dorico 2 on one machine and Dorico 3 on another.

Thank you!
It helped me a lot!