Dorico 2 Mac Performance vs Windows

I’m about to test-drive Dorico 2 this month. Looking for feedback from the Mac user base on relative performance. Steinberg’s Mac software never seems quite as smooth, fast or capable as its Windows counterpart; in particular, Cubase and Nuendo both behave like a port on Macs. Does this trend continue with Dorico?

Not at all. I run Dorico on both platforms, and it feels identical.

That is a good sign. Thanks for the feedback.

I use it only on Mac, but it certainly behaves flawlessly for me, so I can’t imagine that Windows would be any better.


I’m a Mac guy, too, running it on an old (2014) Mac mini with a 5400rpm drive (ugh) and unless I’m doing something really large, I have absolutely no problems at all. Again, I’m not doing large-scale symphonic works, so your mileage may vary, but all in all it is rock solid. I literally can’t even remember the last time it crashed or froze. A few versions ago methinks.

There are some performance issues with large projects using complex or dense notation, but the platform is not a factor. (And the team is working to reduce them.)

Thank you all.

If you have large scores with many staffs, the performance can go down. For me it helped a lot to split it into individual flows, work on them individually and the recombine them.

None of the issues I have raised have been Mac related — meaning that it would not be an issue were I on Windows (which will never ever happen again).

There was an issue, at least at one point, maybe still, about screen redraws being rather slow on retina displays?

No, there is no issue with screen redraw on Retina displays.

You’re thinking of Finale perhaps. The problem persists there.

…and older versions of Sibelius.