Dorico 2 playback borked


I’ve been trying to fix this problem for about 2.5 hours now, and everything I’ve tried has made it worse :confused:

I have Dorico 2 on Mac, OS X High Sierra. Until this morning, everything was working perfectly. Then, suddenly, and quite randomly, playback stopped working. I uninstalled, and reinstalled, but that made it worse. Now it complains that some VST3 library is missing.

How do I do a clean uninstall and reinstall?


What is the specific error you’re seeing, Greg?

Reinstallation should be as simple as running the three Dorico installers that you can download via Steinberg Download Assistant. You don’t need to do anything to remove anything you might previously have installed: the installation should be corrected simply by running the installers again.


I followed your advice, and re-installed, and now I’m back to the situation from the morning. It seems the order of installation is very important. So here’s what I have right now:

clicking on notes plays them. Playback is silent. I’m sorry to be a bother on this, I really would like to solve it on my own :confused:

Plot thickens! I figured out that my full score layout plays back, so it’s something with the layout that has only this flow. I’m going to try making a new custom layout and see if playback is fixed

ok. The primary full score layout with all the flows does playback, and one of the full score layouts I made for a single flow does playback, but the others don’t. It’s weird. Want me to zip it up an mail it in for diagnosis?

I have had this same problem. Playback stopped suddenly and only clicked notes sounded. I exported the flow, started a new empty project and imported it again. After that everything played back fine.

I think the problem is that if you have a full score layout in which not all flows are included, none of the flows that are assigned to the full score layout will play back. This is a bug and we will fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, assigning all of the flows to the layout should be a reasonable workaround.

One more bug I have read about version 2. I know no software is free of bugs. But maybe better to wait for version 2.1 with the fixes. Hope this will come soon :slight_smile:

I fear to get problems with version 1.2 like I have read in another thread.

No offence intended.

René, thanks for your feedback, but I’m not sure anybody else needs to know your own personal calculus for whether or not you consider the software sufficiently bug-free for you to buy the update. Buy it, don’t buy it, it’s up to you. Dorico 2 won’t interfere with Dorico 1.2 provided you don’t try to run them at the same time.

I duplicated Flow1 to Flow2. I created a Full Score Layout2 for Flow2 and assigned only Flow2 to it.

In Play Mode I have Flow2 selected for playback and Full Score Layout2 selected.

Trying to play Flow2 results in Flow1 playing back starting from some unexpected place.

Is it possible to have Flow1 and Flow2 , and in Play Mode have Flow2 selected for playback and actually play?

In Setup Mode If I put Flow2 first, then it plays back correctly.


I suspect this issue is related to the above problem, Leigh.

Okay, Daniel. Thanks for all your great support!


Thanks Daniel, As I have a workaround for the composing portion, I am happy as a clam. Dorico 2 is definitely worth the upgrade. I’ve already used several new features regularly and it’s made life much easier, especially the new timeline for adding/removing bars. SUPER useful. ReRei: you won’t regret the upgrade.