Dorico 2 Pro crashing on Mac

I’ve done a search but nobody seems to be having this problem to the extent that I am.

I’m using the trial version of Dorico Pro 2, running on a Mac with OS X 10.11.6 16Gb memory, running on a MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7

About 1 in 5 times I go to save, Dorico hangs, and I have to Force Quit and restart for Dorico to work again. When I look at Activity Monitor it shows VST Engine using massive amounts of CPU (109%) says VST Engine not responding as well.

Any thoughts - clearly most people are not having this problem…

Otherwise Dorico is absolutely brilliant and just what I need, but I need to sort this out to be able to use it

John S.

I currently also have a beta tester who has problems on saving project files, though with slightly different symptoms, but it might be the same issue.
I’m still investigating on it, so can’t really some say something.

In the topic you write of “crashing”, but later on you say it is just “hanging”. Do you have any crash dumps of either Dorico or VSTAudioEngine in the folder ~/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports ? If so, please zip up and post here. If not, then please go to Activity Monitor and do a dump of the hanging process. Highlight the corresponding process and then click on the little cog wheel on the top of the Activity Monitor. From the pop-up menu choose Sample Process.

One more thing worth trying: Stop Dorico and delete the folder ~/Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine. On next start-up it will get recreated and filled up again. Also, it will take a little longer to start, because some scanning will take place. Please report if afterwards you still run into the issue.


thanks for the quick reply : here’s a crash report for VSTEngine.

In general what happens, normally on trying to save, but sometimes just at random, is that Dorico hangs, and I have to Force Quit and restart to get it working again

Can’t actually find ~/Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine maybe this is part of the problem? (17 KB)


here’s another crash report, this time for Dorico hanging

all the best,

John S.
Dorico (319 KB)

Where have you found all those files? Is it just those two or are there more?

The crash log of the audio engine is already from July 24th and it is actually in a different place than I expected, so seems to be a different issue to the hanging of that other user, but I will still have a look.

For the Dorico hang, the London team needs to have a look.

Looking closer at the audio engine crash log, this happened during the audio engine shutting down regularly. Because it is deconstructing itself anyway, you would not have noticed this incident unless the operating system greeted you with an according message.

You said that on saving Dorico hangs, but also the audio engine using lots of cpu cycles at that time. In that case, in Activity Monitor could you please highlight the VSTAudioEngine process and then click on the little cog wheel on the top of the window? From the pop-up menu choose ‘Sample Process’ and then also post here.



here’s a sample of VSTAudioEngine process from activity monitor.
hope this helps,

John S.
Sample of VST Audio (24.1 KB)

Are you using a very small audio engine buffer size? If so, then try increasing it. There was a related bug that we fixed shortly after the v2.0 release (that will be in the forthcoming update) which could be triggered during saving, if I recall correctly. Increasing the buffer size works around it go for the moment.

Hi John, are you using videos in Dorico? In the process sample I can see that the audio engine is spending much time in code that normally is only executed when a video is attached to the project. Could it be that the hanging only occurs if you are working with videos?

Hi Ulf and Paul,

Have increased buffer size to 512 (was 256) -will see if it makes a difference.

Yes, am using video; will try without to see if it works, but my current project is composing to film.
BTW the flows concept is brilliant: I have about 60 cues to compose,but have no idea what order they’re going to come in, so flows are really helpful.

Here’s the latest report on a hang of Dorico, when I tried to to Quit - it always seems to be the VSTAudioEngine that goes wild (102% CPU)

all the best,

John S.
Sample of (20.9 KB)

You’re pretty bold, doing a major composing job with a 30 day trial version :wink: Nevertheless, good luck with it.

Looking forward to more feedback from you. And if it is hanging, please sample also the VSTAudioEngine process as that is much more important for me.

HI Ulf,
am of course planning to buy it as long as it stops crashing… it must be something about my system as nobody else on here is complaining about it.

I did attach a sample of the VSTAudioEngine process a few posts back in this thread, but will send another when I have another crash

all best,

John S.

Hi John, you still get those hangings or is everything fine now?

Hi Ulf,
it all seems to work fine if I don’t have any videos attached to the flows, but when I have video attached I still have frequent hangs. I attach the Activity Monitor reports for the last hang.

When I look at Activity Monitor while working in Dorico I get VSTAudioEngine maxing out at about 30% CPU without Video attached to flows, but with video attached it often ends up at 112% CPU… the video files themselves are small - about 10 to 20MB ( they’re a series of silent films often lasting only 30 seconds, from c. 1900) and I only have three films loaded at the moment, so I don’t understand why they’re causing problems, when in a previous project in Sibelius I had a two hour film loaded with no problem. One thing which does occur to me is that the films are coming in at a different frame rate - one is 30fps and two are 24fps, would that confuse the program.

A couple of other things that seem strange to me, and may or may not be relevant, in the Play window I don’t get solo/mute buttons for the instruments, and in the mixer window, everything seems to be coming through on the channel of the first instrument in the score, though all the sounds are correct ( I’m using the HalionSE sounds that seem to be the standard when you load instruments onto players)

Everything otherwise is brilliant and so much better than Sibelius, apart from the crashing; would love to get this sorted out.

all the best,
John S.
Sample of (22.7 KB)
Sample of VST Audio (28.7 KB)

Looks same but it is good that we established that it has to do with video as otherwise it seems fine to you.

Now, the hanging on your system might have to do with the other bug that I mentioned. It would be good if I could get hands on one of the video files and the corresponding project file so that I could try and reproduce it here in the debugger. Is is possible that you send it to me (u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de), of course 100% confidentiality guaranteed. That would be fantastic.

Also in regards to the other problem with the output routing, it would be good to have a sample project.

I’m really committed to solving your issues as in the long run it will also benefit all other customers.