Dorico 2, problems with note configuration

Hi all

I’m having trouble with a piece I imported from musicXML from sibelius.

This is the correct notation from the original

This is how Dorico displays it after importing

clearly the notation has changed semantically, as the tremolo is gone. THe note values may be correct, but forcing the dotted quaver to be displayed as a tied semiquaver and quaver (even though it could be deemed correct in terms of breaking notes on beat boundaries) is not good for trem either.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get it to be correct again, any help would be appreciated.


Hey How did you get that picture in your reply! I want to know that trick it makes it so easy when others see it.
I to have problems with the tremolo.
Thats in 7/4 meter no? Tried respelling it? 14/8 might work! Ha with those 16th’s Dorico added!!
Try putting a hairpin with dynamics where you want underneath that! Ha :laughing:

it’s in 3/4 the final tremolo is a quaver in total, so it’s crotchet, dotted crotchet and quaver = 3 beats.

The picture I had to host on our website, that may be another post about the forum, it was a lot of effort to get the pictures showing.

I tried the note grouping notation settings, and none of the options there changed this display.

Can be done, but probably not directly as an xml import. Once you lose the trem on import, you would likely have to re-enter it.


Yep, I suspect Derrek’s right - you’ll need to retype the messed up bits with Force Duration (O) turned on.

Dear Adrien,
If you search the forum properly, you’ll probably find this is a topic I’ve writing about…
Dorico still needs you to input those dotted values with force duration on (which means re-enter those notes) in order for the two-stems tremolo to be drawn.

Change the meter to [2+3+1]/8 and it will fix the note durations automatically.

thanks for the suggestions guys, I’ll give it a try. I have some dotted minim trems at the end, so I don’t think the 2+3+1/8 will work for them.

Force duration needs to be on in order in advance? You can’t set it afterwards on existing notes?

Force Duration must be on in advance. It cannot be applied retrospectively.

OK, got it displaying properly after re-entering the notes.

Word of warning, don’t attempt to stop playback during a loud trem passage unless you want to blow your speakers. luckily my headphone amp which I use to feed my monitors has a over-level cut-out, as the digital nuke that Dorico sent tripped it, requiring me to restart the amp, and restart Dorico (this happened several times, now I let it play through).

Still getting some odd artefacts on playback of the trems as well, I think it’s probably rounding error or something on dividing up the note durations, several individual notes jump out of it.

p.s. ten points for who can guess the piece :slight_smile:

It’s OK to enter a new time signature to match new note duration requirements. You can always hide it if it looks redundant. This is often easier than using force duration and you can do it after note entry rather than before.

Yeah, I can’t think of a time sig that would allow proper display for a dotted minim in 3/4. Maybe 6/8 would do it, but I don’t want to mess with all the other parts…