Dorico 2 Score problem

Privet, my Western Friends,

I have problem with my score.
Please take look at it (unlisted video) and see if you perhaps heave answer for me.

С уважением

Mikhail :slight_smile:

Go to Layout Options and unhide empty staves. Alternatively type some notes into the piano part or open the score in Galley View. Once you’ve entered something the staves will show up.

Galley view shows all instruments, whether empty staves are hidden or not. It’s the view you should use to start ANY project, as it is dedicated to entering stuff and does it well. :wink:
So go to Write mode, cmd-alt-2 (ctrl-alt-2 if you’re on PC) and go back to cmd-1/ctrl-1 Setup mode.

Wow! You guys are fast. I was just starting to answer with the same suggestions… :smiley: (Leo won ha ha)!

Spasibo, my friends!