Dorico 2 suddenly won't open

Today I tried to open up dorico, and it wouldn’t open. It’s not like it crashed on startup, both the shortcut (and dorico.exe) just didn’t do anything when I opened them. Running the elicenser maintenance, restarting my computer, updating dorico, running a corrupt file check on windows, killing Dorico in task manager and running it again, running a windows compatibility checker on dorico, and nothing worked. I’ve checked and all the other programs on my computer seem fine, including exe’s. Please help, I’m relying on dorico for a number of projects due in a month, and I really can’t sit and wait.

PA My computer is running Windows 10, which just updated, maybe that’s what’s causing the issue. Thanks.

Do you happen to use some Steinberg audio interface or some other Yamaha hardware?
There is a known issue where after a Windows update the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver screws up and prevents Dorico from running.
Reinstalling the driver in that case repairs the situation.

Normally we would ask for a diagnostic report, but since you can’t open Dorico, you can’t simply do that.
Therefore I’m kindly asking you to zip up 3 folder and attach them here to this thread.
The folders are:
C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 3

Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

Another option you could try is to find eLicenser Control Center (elc.exe), right-click the executable, and choose Run as Administrator, then run the default maintenance task. I know you’ve already run the maintenance task, but running it as administrator is often the crucial step after a Windows update.