Dorico 2 tied grace notes not sounding

In writing a chord with the bass note having a tied grace note, the grace note sounds but not the note it ties to. If I remove the tie the principal note still doesn’t sound. Is this a bug? Is there a work around? thanks

Follow up: I notice it only happens with the slashed grace note.

Is the slashed grace note played as an (on-the-beat) appoggiatura?
Are both notes playing but the attack of the second is not discernible (such as on some rapid repeated string notes)?

Surely if you have a grace note tied to a following normal-sized note, you would not expect the normal-sized note to play? That is, after all, what a tie does.

Derrek and Daniel, did you miss this bit?

No, I didn’t miss it, Leo.

Richard, you’ll need to attach an example of the problem, together with details of the playback device you’re using, if you want me to look into that.