Dorico 3.0.10 always hangs when I try to quit

I am having this problem on two different machines (I go back and forth w/ my Steinberg key) - they are the two machines listed in my signature.

When I attempt to quit Dorico, I just get “application not responding” for an interminable period. If I use the OS to force it to quit, I need to reboot to get it to load again.

I am not sure if there’s a way I can get a diagnostic to share in this situation, since it is isn’t outright crashing.

Hi shnootre!
If you check the forum, you’ll notice you’re not alone in this case. You could post a diagnostic report here so that the team can confirm you have the same problem they’re tracking. Simply go to the help menu when you restart Dorico and Create a diagnostic report. It will appear on your Desktop and you can attach it here.

Try this: In Activity Monitor locate Synsopos and tell it to quit. No need for Force Quit.


Hm - I did this - and then immediately I got the eLicenser Control - Error: "Application ‘Dorico LE 3’ has cuased the following error: Application not registered.

I am not running Dorico LE, and my Steinberg key is still plugged in.

When I restart I will post a diagnostic.

(worth mentioning that I can not get rid of that dialogue until I reboot - I click ok and it just keeps popping up)

(but then, after clicking it a bunch of times, it did go away, AND I was able to restart Dorico!) I am attaching the diagnostic report here. Appreciate the quick help!
Dorico (477 KB)

A few other users are having this same problem with hang on quit. It only seems to happen if you are using VE Pro. We’re still investigating this issue.

It happens to me with Noteperformer. I already sent my diagnostics.


Interesting. I am using VE Pro, but it’s worth noting this behavior has occurred even when I don’t have VE pro open (but the Dorico file I’m using is set up to work w/ VE Pro - I was just editing graphics rather than working w/ playback).

Hi, I have the same problem with VSL Synchron Player (the only VSL plugin I can use in Dorico) : when I try to reopen a project in which I have used Synchron Player, Dorico freezes.

Dorico 3.0.10 and the VSL Synchron Player don’t play nicely together at the moment on maOS 10.15 Catalina. We are in touch with the team in Vienna about this. Please be aware that VSL plug-ins are not yet fully supported on Catalina, in Dorico or any other application.

Thanks Daniel, but the problem happens in Mojave (I haven’t updated yet to Catalina, I’m waiting).

I believe some of the same issues that manifest on Catalina may also manifest on Mojave when the software that’s running makes use of the new security features in Catalina; to the best of my knowledge some of these features also have some effect in Mojave.

For whatever it’s worth, this seems to stretch back further than Mojave: I’ve been testing installs of previous OSes to troubleshoot whatever’s been plaguing my system, and Dorico 3.0.1 hangs in 100% of cases when I try to quit from a project running the VEP plugin, in each and every OS I’ve tested (10.12, 10.13, and 10.14).