Dorico 3.0.10 hangs at start in win10

I am a licensed user of Dorico 2 and installed the trial version Dorico 3.0.10, leaving version 2 installed. on a HP Windows 10 laptop. However 3.0.10 hangs at start in the step: “audioDeviceBaioschange:Baios stopped”, while no external audio device connected, with the intention to let it switch to the standard internal audio device. (Dorico 2 has in the options my externnal UR12 marked).

Problem seems to be solved by reinstalling the yamaha steinberg usb driver

The issue here is Windows update and that USB driver. Windows update overwrites some registry key needed by the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver and thus it falls over and requiring the reinstallation. I’m not sure about the timetable, but we will soon bring out an updated driver version, which won’t have that problem anymore.