Dorico 3.0.10: The Project contains more players than this version of Dorico allows


After updating Dorico from 3 to 3.0.10, I see the following message box.

What should I do?

Are you using Dorico Elements 3.0.10? Dorico Pro allows an unlimited number of players but Dorico Elements allows a maximum of 12.

I am using Dorico Pro 3.0.10, of course.
The project file had initially been created by using Dorico 2.1 Pro, and I worked it in Dorico 3 Pro until yesterday.

I had no intention to cause offense by my question and regret if that was the case. However, in the context of differences between Elements and Pro, it seems likely that the message is generated because after you updated from 3.0 to 3.0.10, Dorico or a related eLC are interpreting your license as Elements rather than Pro. I don’t know how to confirm or fix this but suspect and hope investigations along this line might lead to a resolution.

It is no problem. Your thought was logical, and I also had thought that I falsely updated Dorico Pro 3.0 to Dorico Element 3.0.10, and I reinstalled the version. However, the same occurs after reinstalling the update.

Fortunately, the warning message appears not always. I can edit the file after repeating quitting and restarting Dorico 3.0.10 Pro several times.

Since v3 it is possible to force Dorico to run as Elements by holding down a modifier key (Alt or Ctrl or something, I don’t know which one OTOH) when you double-click the icon. Could that be the cause?

I did not press any key when launching the application.
If it occurs, the keyboard of my laptop may be defective.

You would have noticed if your keyboard kept sending arbitrary keystrokes, wouldn’t you?

Maybe the eLicencer is playing games with you. Have you checked which licences are listed?

eLicencer is ok.

Some keys response twice to one pressing: especially “r”.
I already reported it to Apple, but they say this is not a hardware problem…

However, this phenomenon of “launching Element” never occurred previously.

Open the keyboard layout viewer and see if your keyboard is sending permanently the modifier key. If it’s not a laptop, try unplugging the keyboard.

Having a similar problem here : I sometimes get a message telling me elicenser was unable to “get info” when I start Dorico pro 3. Then either it goes on launching as usual or it tells me the project includes more players than allowed in this version.

I’m using an iMac and a Windows 10 laptop. I get into troubles with the iMac. No problems with the laptop for the moment.

However I’ve had the same kind of troubles with Cubase in the past (not so long ago) on the iMac and on the laptop, which makes me suspect it is an elicenser problem.

Whoever you spoke to should know better: it is a hardware problem. Apple have a “service program” (Recall) for your model.

Take to it to an Apple Store and they will fix it for free. This may be incidental to the Dorico problem, of course.

While I don’t have any guesses to speculate what might be the cause of that problem, I feel compelled (regrettably) to confirm: that message along with inability to open a projects at hand (in fact, couple of different projects) did show up 2-3 times a few weeks ago; i.e. after v. 3.0, yet before v. 3.0.10 and before ‘Catalina’.
Hopefully, developers who have first-hand knowledge of what triggers that alert message, can track down the cause.
Igor Borodin

It’s an eLicenser problem. Sometimes the eLicenser subsystem doesn’t report to Dorico the correct license type, so it runs with a “lower” license level than it should. Unfortunately it’s not something that we in the Dorico team can do anything about at present. Generally speaking simply quitting and restarting Dorico is sufficient to get things back on an even keel.

Thank you!

Thank you!