Dorico 3.0.10 Windows 10 crash

After having updated to 3.0.10 Dorico first hang during the boot while trying to connect to the audio engine. After a restart I was able to start the app several times but now can’t now can’t start the app anymore.

In the task manager I can see the Dorico process begin but it quickly closes again.

I’ve tried changing the dongle usb port and rebooting without any luck

I’ve never had any problems previously of this kind with Dorico before.

BTW I can still open Dorico 2 without any problems.

What can be done? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum, Grexio9. I’m sorry you’re having problems. Please try trashing the “VSTAudioEngine3_64” folder from %APPDATA%\Steinberg and then restart Dorico and see if that gets you any further.

If it doesn’t, please zip up the VSTAudioEngine3_64 folder and the Dorico 3 folder and attach them here so we can take a look at the logs.

Thank you for the quick reply!

The problem persisted after I removed the VSTAudioEngine3_64 folder!

I’ve attached the requested files. (227 KB)
Dorico (29.6 KB)

Thanks for the logs: they’re very interesting. It looks like the audio engine is running just fine, but it’s Dorico that’s unable to create some cache files that it needs in your computer’s temporary files folder. Can you think of anything unusual about your computer that might mean Dorico can’t write to the Windows temporary folder?

Thanks for the reply. I know that Windows automatically has installed a couple of updates after the installation of Dorico 3.0.10. The temp folder access must have been changed then.

I’ve searched for ways to change the write permissions to the temp folder (including creating a new temp folder in a different directory) but haven’t had any luck with Dorico yet.

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.

Yes! Everything’s working now. Great!

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Great, glad you’re up and running now.

Should we conclude that rebooting your machine solved the problem, or did you make some specific changes?