Dorico 3.0 crashing when splitting flows


I am sorry to forgot to mention a little bug I discovered 4 days ago when I was trying to split my Dorico 3.0 project into smaller chunks, i.e. Flows.
The first two flows I could easily separate, Dorico did good work in the background. But when I came to the point of splitting off the two last flows, the following happened:
I selected the double bar-line (which was supposed to be my splitting point) and went to
Write->Split Flow
Dorico would instantly crash!
I tried again after reopening, but reliably the same thing happened again and again.
So I choose to separate the last (4rth) flow first.
But same thing happened, Dorico crashed!
Not really good - as I had to finish the project on that very day.
Ok, I tried different approaches, may be it had to do with the double bar-line…
This time I inserted a few extra bars just before that barline and tried the splitting at the beginning of the insertion point. This time the splitting worked. Same procedure with the other split, success.
I then just had to delete the extra bars and everything was fine again.
I just felt I should have mentioned this behaviour.
Sorry I did not keep a copy of that project for someone to have had a look into it.
… wait, may be there is something in the Dorico Backup folder, I will have a look…
[follow up] sorry, no, all saved projects there are already split into flows

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file from your desktop here.

Daniel, I started the project on my laptop, I will have a look into the Backup Folder there.

[edit] I found the project file before I started splitting it up.
But doing the splitting with Version 3.0.10 now seems to have cured the patient, I could not replicate the behaviour from 4 days ago.

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It is still happening in 3.0.1. I will send up my files later today. Also try the trick of inserting bars.