Dorico 3.010 won't open Dorico 3 file

I have Dorico 3.010 open (about confirms), and yet when I open the project I was working on recently, it says

“This project contains more players than this version of Dorico allows. It will open read-only, so you can play and print but not edit it.”

WTBleep? As I said, I have Dorico 3.010 open not LE by accident. Just today, I installed the latest e-Licenser, re-booted, and have lots of RAM (64G).

What’s going on? How can I work on my file? :cry:

Please try restarting Dorico. Sometimes the eLicenser is too slow to initialise and Dorico ends up being informed that a lower license level is available than the one you actually have. Restarting normally takes care of the problem. If that doesn’t help, please run eLicenser Control Center and allow it to perform its default maintenance tasks, then try again.

Hi Daniel, yes I did restart and after restarting again, it did work. However, I have two different Steinberg dongles full of VSL and many other licences. Yet, Dorico is the only one that I seem to have consistent trouble with. Any idea why it would be different from the others? I have Dorico residing on the newest and (supposedly) fastest dongle and they are both sitting in a USB3 hub so there are no physical differences in the connections between the dongles.

Might it be better that I only use one dongle?

Do you have your Dorico license on one of your USB-eLicensers, or on your Soft-eLicenser? I have the impression (though not backed up by any hard evidence or data) that Dorico works more reliably – notwithstanding the recent issues with Catalina, fortunately now resolved – with the license running on the Soft-eLicenser.

I have Dorico 3 on my USB eLicenser. I’m worried about losing my License with the Soft-eLicenser if my hard drive were to die (don’t they all eventually?) . With the USB dongle, I have VSL insurance on my USB eLicenser though I’m not sure if it covers non-VSL Licenses too (I’ll have to check).

Regardless, constantly re-booting does get tiring and kills all the other apps I have running including VE Pro Library template (which takes quite some time to re-load). So very much looking forward to a solid solution in the not-too-distant future.

Dear synergy543,
You cannot lose your license on your soft e-licenser because there’s a recovery process on the Steinberg site for those whose hard drive dies, or those who decide to change their computer. My 2 cents.

Thanks for the info Marc! Good to know.

So do I just drag the Dorico License from the Dongle to the Soft-eLicenser inside of the eLicenser software?

Unfortunately, once you’ve chosen to put your license onto the USB-eLicenser, it cannot be moved onto the Soft-eLicenser. The journey in the other direction is possible, but it’s a one-way trip.