DORICO 3.1.10 Strange behaviour in note spacing.

Hello all,

I have a strange behaviour in note spacing.

I’m working with 3 separate windows: on the top left a window in write mode (galley view), below it a Play window showing an enlarged Time track to easily operate on ritardando values, and an Engrave window on the right.

The following video show what happens: I try to move right a pause to show the decrescendo mark between mf and ppp, but as soon as I move right the rest, the cello staff on the first system moves down.

If you need the DORICO file for debugging please let me know.

this looks like a funny bug to me…

You should find that if you save and re-open the project, your staff spacing will be back to normal. I’ve experienced it a couple of times (and I know the team are aware of it) but as far as I understand it, they’ve just not been able to pin down exactly what’s prompting it and therefore how to fix it. Fortunately it should be a rare occurrence.

Please do provide the project itself so we can look into this further.


here the file. After zipping it, I’ve opened again with DORICO and tested: the problem is still there, so can be reproduced.
Come Foglie al (945 KB)

Thanks for providing the video and the project file. This bug has been fixed since Dorico 3.1.10, so this problem won’t trouble you further in the next version of Dorico (assuming you choose to update, of course).

I will update.
Thank you.