Dorico 3.1 elicenser error

iMac, MacOS 10.13

Used to have big issue with elicenser and Dorico 3 until I was advised to install older 32bit elicenser which solved the problem.
Now Dorico 3.1 is getting fuzzy again. On startup I get the elicenser error 3x after which the program seems to be stable. Sometimes I get a unending chain of alerts for Halion SE and Dorico 3 LE. This requires a Force Quit.

So far Dorico 3.1 appears to be running ok although when I try to open Dorico->About… I get three more alerts before the about box opens.


Are you using a USB-eLicenser? If so, is it the new “stubby” one or the older, slightly longer one (the new one is around 3.5cm in length, the older one around 5cm)? If you’ve got an older USB-eLicenser, you should buy a new one and move your licenses to that, as the newer ones are more reliable on newer systems.

Thanks, Daniel

I just recently bought a used Macbook 2015 for my job and the eLicenser causes the same problem there.
And this USB stick is about 5.5cm long.

Is it possible to use one of those on my main computer and a second one on my laptop so I don’t have to constantly switch one around?

It sounds like you’ve got the older, longer USB-eLicenser, so I would recommend you look at purchasing a new, stubby one. You can buy from our online shop or from your favourite music shop.

Unfortunately, having chosen to put your Dorico license onto your USB-eLicenser, there it will stay: you can’t move it back to the Soft-eLicenser. But you should find it is much more reliable if you use one of the newer, stubbier USB-eLicensers.