Dorico 3.1 hangs on audio export, crashes on quit, and hangs on restart

When exporting multiple flows as audio in Dorico 3.1, the export progress percentage stops increasing right after exporting the first flow. When cancelling export and starting export again, the percentage stays at 0%. When then quitting Dorico, Dorico crashes. This is consistently reproducible on my machine. When reopening Dorico, it sometimes hangs on the splash screen. Only after a force quit and another restart, Dorico responds normally again. I attached the diagnostic file I made right after the second restart.
Dorico Diagnostics part (1.38 MB)

The rest of the diagnostics export
Dorico Diagnostics part (892 KB)

Is that reproducible with any project or just specific ones? Would it be possible that you send me that project, full confidentiality guaranteed. Please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks