Dorico 3.1 high CPU

I have just installed Dorico 3.1 and played back a simple arrangement with a piano, just one voice. The playback- sound comes from Halion SE. The CPU usage is extremly high for this simple piece. I can´t remember the behavior of the older Dorico versions.

Please see this earlier thread.

Thanks, after deleting the videoengine- file, it´s much better. But there should be a better way to solve this issue. Perhaps an option in the setup to turn the videoengine on /off.

Well, the real fix is of course for us to sort out whatever it is that’s causing the video engine to use so much CPU, which we will hopefully be able to do soon.

Am I correct that this is a combined Dorico/Cubase effort, so the solution is not solely in Dorico’s lap?

You are quite right, Derrek.

The 3.1.10 update has restored the videoengine, but it has the same version number. I presume the issue remains?

Unfortunately yes, the issue is not solved, yet.