Dorico 3.1: Unable to load an old project

no chance to load an old project (a violin method) (2.2.10) in the new version (3.1).
The loading process stops indefinitely at 80% when Halion se3 has loaded the sample (solo violin). I looked for an answer in the forum but without luck.
I tried to run the kill audio script in FAQ but, again, without luck.

Even by forcing the exit, I can open more recent files without problems.



Can you post it here so one of us can try opening it for you?

I’m sorry but it’s a copyrighted project…

You’ll need to email it to one of the team members then, unless someone else has an idea.

Hi Dan,
thanks. I’ll do that.
It seems related to the Halion engine during the loading process, but I have not been able to find anything useful to solve that.

Then email it to Daniel Spreadbury, telling them to remove all copies of this project from their side after finishing their issue investigation.

That seems a bit unnecessary. Of course they aren’t going to share private files with anyone.

Better state than anything unexpected to both side. This helps both sides from encountering troubles.

If you don’t trust Daniel (and the rest of the Steinberg team) to respect the copyright of your score, then don’t send him a copy.

If he is going to respect the copyright, you don’t need to ask. And if he isn’t going to respect it, why do you think he will do something just because you tell him to?

Yes, it’s a bit daft, that whole business. Naturally it goes without saying that we will only ever use materials sent to us for the purposes of diagnosing problems, and we destroy our copies afterwards.

Just sent to the super kind Daniel.
Ça va sans dire: Total trust.