Dorico 3.1


Some users do find that the Hub window doesn’t show blog items or videos on Windows, and unfortunately we don’t know why that is. You might check your firewall settings etc. to make sure that Dorico is allowed to connect to the Internet.

The Hub window had never displayed anything for me before on Windows 10, but now is working fine with the 3.1 update. I’m sorta surprised octogesa is apparently having the opposite experience.

Maybe to do with:

Steinberg Hub. > The > Latest News > and > Latest Videos > feeds in the Hub window
now use secure HTTP to communicate with the Dorico blog server on both
Windows and macOS.

It is strange because before it was always connected and with the same configuration of firewalls, etc.

Out of interest, what version of Windows are you using?

Windows 10

Are you able to be a little more specific, in terms of the build number?

build number
Windows 10.png

Is that an “insider” build of Windows 10?

what’s strange about it? I’ve got 1909 as well --it’s the standard current version to the best of my knowledge. Hub windows works fine here!

This update just arrived (for some, at least) today.

EDIT: The Hub hasn’t given me trouble since sometime in Dorico 1.0.

Interestingly (or maybe a coincidence) the latest update to the previous version 1903 is build 18362.592.

In Dorico Pro 2, it is going well

Yes, as has already been pointed out, Dorico up to version 3.0.10 uses insecure HTTP for those feeds, while Dorico 3.1 now uses secure HTTP (or HTTPS). For some reason, that’s not working on your computer.

What is the solution?

sometimes these kind of problems can be fixed by simply rebooting; it might be a sneaky os update that needs a restart.

HTTPS is pretty much standard for everything these days, including this forum (unless you are browsing that from a different device, not from your Dorico PC). It sounds like a configuration problem with your internet connection.

There may well not be a ready solution. We’re in the process of downloading that build of Windows and we’ll try it out. We were never able to figure out why it didn’t work for some users when it was using insecure HTTP, so I have no reason to think we’ll be able to solve the converse mystery now, I’m afraid.

If it’s not downloading then the chances are that it either a problem with your firewall/AV settings, VPN configuration, network certificates or similar. There’s not much more we can do to diagnose it: Dorico asks the system to connect to a server and your machine refuses it without giving much information about why.