Dorico 3.11 Won't start - new installation

Hello there and thank you in advance for your support.
I have purchased Dorico pro 3 in 2020 but have decided to install it only now. I did have my grace period with Dorico at the time.
After installation - I press the Dorico icon on my desktop - I see the little blue wheel for 3 sec - a pause - then again for a sec and nothing. no message or any indication of any kind.
I have activated the software with my e-licenser thinking it must be activated before installation but for no avail.
I have removed a NI vst which I do not use ( I don’t have any vst’s on this computer) but it made no difference.
I have removed all of Dorico’s and have tried installing 3 times… nothing.
Very frustrating if I may say so - there was no problem with installation when I installed the try out Dorico 3 version. I have checked my e-licenser all seems to be ok.
I have decided not to install the 3…5 time limited grace license in order to avoid issues…
Thanks very much for your fast reply.
Using w10pro 64 bit chipset on x58 mobo (x58a-ud3r) cpu Intel I7-920 . 24gb ram.

Welcome to the forum, @Ram_Haimoff and sorry to hear about your trouble, but I’m sure we will sort that out.
But in order to help you, we first need some more information.
Could you please go in the File Explorer to %APPDATA%\Steinberg and zip up every folder with Dorico in its name.
Also, go to your Documents folder, in there should be the subfolders Steinberg\CrashDumps, please also zip that up and finally post everything as an attachment here. Thank you very much

Thanks very much for your support and encouragement :slight_smile: .
So - I was using the file explorer search apps to find the syntax you have stated but was able to find none.
So I have searched for Dorico and have found some crashdumps and AppCrash, I have taken the liberty to attache these files in a sfx 7z files - to you.
Kindly please find attached :“” , the CrashDumps zip did not stand the site limitations, will try to e-mail.
Thanking in advance - Rami. (99.8 KB)

Hi @Ram_Haimoff ,
have you forgotten the attachment or did it not work?

For the other folders, please have a look for C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg but where you have to change the username part to your name.

Thanks very much for your support and encouragement :slight_smile: .
So - I was using the file explorer search apps to find the syntax you have stated but was able to find none.
So I have searched for Dorico and have found some crashdumps and AppCrash, I have taken the liberty to attache these files in a sfx 7z files - to you.
Kindly please find attached :“” , the did not meet the site limitations, emailing here.
Thanking in advance - Rami. (99.8 KB)

(Attachment is missing)

@Ram_Haimoff , sorry, but those files are of no use for us.

Is there really nothing in C:\Users[yourname]\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps ?

And no Dorico folder under C:\Users[yourname]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg?

Thanks again.
My other zip file was rejected by this site.
After I have removed the o.s. viewing protection over system files I have found the user(rami) appdata and traced the AppData\Steinberg\Dorico3 folder - attached here as a zip file.
Dorico (6.4 KB)
Please find also the MyDocuments\Steinberg\CrashDumps as a zip file:
Cubase 2020.2.13 (106.8 KB)
There is no cubase installed on this computer for now.
hope this helps.

@Ram_Haimoff , okay, the Dorico logs are useful now.
Please run the eLicenser Control Center as an administrator and let the maintenance task run.
Then reboot and try again to start Dorico.
Let me know if my instructions are too concise…

Thanks Ulf,
I have done as instructed, all 6 stages of the elicenser got “ok”, Restarted and tried Dorico again but wont go, there is a blue light flushing showing some disk activity… entering task manager didn’t show any Steinberg or Dorico in action…

@Ram_Haimoff , what if you start Dorico as admin, does that work then?

No - I open file location and run as admin but wont work…

Could you please run the eLicenser Control Center again, but as normal user. Then have a look in the TaskManager, there should be a background process called Synsopos.
Leave the Control Center open and then try to launch Dorico. Same again, it does not start?

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it - but the license in the e-licenser refers to Dorico 3.5 educational grace period. however I entered the license activation I received in email. It doesn’t show license for my paid Dorico 3.1.1…

I wasn’t able to locate the process Synsopos background process…

Dorico didn’t start even when the e-licenser ctrl ctr was open

And what does the eLicenser say about the validity of the Dorico 3.5 license. Is it somehow expired or so?

One other thing to try is: Open File Explorer and in the address bar type %TEMP% and then delete the Dorico 3 directory in there, then try to start Dorico again.

E-licenser says “Dorico Pro 3.5 Educational ( Grace Period Eligible )”
Have found the Dorico 3 in tmp and shift del but sorry…

When I downloaded the software from the Steinberg Download Assistance it came with 2 updates and 2 software installs - I just installed the 3.1.1 installation file… should I uninstall and install 1st Dorico version 3.1 and the update it? it seems to me that it should be the same…

In the download assistant - as I see it right now - there is only one installer for 3.1.10.
There is one update installer for people coming from 3.x but you went straight to 3.1.10, so that should be okay.

And where does the license for 3.5 educational come from? You said you only bought 3.1.10 Pro, right?

When I activated the software - I activated it even Dorico didn’t operate - I’ve got a message saying that it was arrange for me to obtain the 3.5 for a grace period… So does it mean I have a license for 3.5 but not for my paid 3.1.1 :slight_smile: who knows…

I don’t need a grace period… rather have the software working and then I’ll upgrade even to IV if I see fit…

Because you’ve only just activated your Dorico 3.5 license, you are eligible for a free grace period update to Dorico 4, and I would really recommend that you take that route.

Chances are that the problem you’re experiencing is related to initialisation of the eLicenser, but you can leave eLicenser behind and benefit from many, many new features and improvements implemented in both Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4 if you take advantage of the grace period update.

If you downloaded Dorico 3.1.10 using Steinberg Download Assistant, then you should already have Steinberg Activation Manager installed: run that, and once you have signed in, click the account menu in the top right-hand corner and click Grace Period Check in the menu that appears. It will then update your Dorico Pro 3.5 license to Dorico Pro 4. You will still be able to run Dorico 3.5 or Dorico 3 if you wish, but there’s no reason to use those older versions.

To install Dorico Pro 4, run Steinberg Download Assistant, choose Dorico Pro 4 from the list of products on the left-hand side, then click Install All on the right-hand side to download and install all of the required components.