Dorico 3.11 Won't start - new installation

Hello there and thanks very much for your fast response and guidance.
So - I have decided to take the very kind offer of free upgrade to Dorico 4 and it seems most if not all of my problems are solved. I enjoy very much working with the software, much of the issues I had with Dorico 3 seems to be gone, the workflow is a charm and I have noticed some very helpful right click menu commands. So far I think its great what you have done with the software - cheers. Although I am sure I’ll meet issues in the future it ids impossible not to witness the great improvements done in the software. May it continue like this.
Cheers - Rami.

Of course you will, because music is constantly evolving, as are our own skills, ambitions, and expectations. But the more one uses the software and more familiar one becomes with it, the better prepared one is to work around many new issues to achieve one’s goals.

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